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Epic Coma Prank Makes Drunk Driver Think He’s Been Asleep For 10 Years (VIDEO)

Epic Coma Prank Makes Drunk Driver Think He's Been Asleep For 10 Years (VIDEO)

This is a seriously epic prank. It’s creative, it’s hilarious but more importantly it is a serious lesson to all those drunk drivers out there! Don’t drink and drive!

This guys friends have seen him pickup 5 DUI’s and they are determined to save his own life and those of others to make sure he doesn’t get a 6th. So, determined to teach him a lesson they convert their office into a hospital room, tell him it is 2023 and feed him some hilarious news on Hilary Clinton, Miley Cyrus’ trailer park drug problem and Justin Bieber’s 10 year anniversary…with another guy…

Check it out…

What do you think? Did he buy it? We hope so.

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