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3 Races More Exciting than F1 (For the Driver)

Formula 1 is considered by many the ultimate test, both for the engine and for the driver. To be honest, it does have quite a few aspects that put engineers, designers, and mechanics to the ultimate test: F1 cars need to be tuned to perfection to offer the best performance, the biggest stability, and the safest environment for the pilot (I think “driver” is not the right word in this case) at the same time. A great pilot in a great car can do wonders on the F1 course (see Schumacher winning the championship title five times in a row with Ferrari). Still, I think, there are other forms of motor racing that are much more exciting than driving around in circles on the same courses year after year. The Wow! factor of F1 is undeniable, but there are others that have it better.

Drag racing

What’s so exciting about driving in a straight line for a few seconds, then stopping with the help of a parachute? Well, for many, it’s the ultimate test of the engine’s acceleration (reaching your top speed on a quarter-mile track can be quite a strain, right?) and, to a certain extent, of the driver’s bravado. It takes steady hands to keep your car at the road at 300+ mph, fighting the Gs and the adrenaline pumping through your ways, right?

Racing for pinks

Pink slip racing takes quite a lot of courage, as well as a lot of confidence in your car’s (and your own) capabilities. It’s basically a (street) race where the stakes are pretty high: the loser doesn’t only lose dignity and rep, but also his (her) car. Not to mention that it’s also illegal in many jurisdictions.

The only legal (age-restricted) way to race for pinks is to play the Royal Vegas online pokie with the same name. Racing for Pinks is one of the few pokies at the Royal Vegas inspired by motor racing, and it preserves a bit of this high stakes, adrenaline-pumping activity’s best features, transposing them into the big online gaming world. Not quite Need for Speed, Racing for Pinks has a side game that involves races and pink slips, not to mention the cash Royal Vegas players can win in the process.


Rally racing is seldom about speed – it’s a form of motor racing that puts the drivers’ capabilities to navigate and overcome various obstacles to the ultimate test. Watching it is not as exciting as rooting for your favorite F1 racer, but being involved in it is as exciting as it gets. It’s a crazy ride as a navigator, and most likely even crazier if you are the one holding the wheel.

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