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Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Facts About Cars?

Car! Car! Car! This invention has taken world by storm literally indeed. Yes! It’s every men bae. Who in the world is not possessive about the car that just glides smoothly on the road. Thrill! Fun! Love!

Not really!

Dale Gillespie ford parts specialist from the Jennings parts shop said “EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS SOMEWHEREELSE, AND YOU GET THERE IN CAR!”. true isn’t it?

When we personify its metal body to the lustrous shining sea surface, or let’s say the speed to that of cheetah…we go crazy! Having said that all, do we know enough about the most amazing, thrilling invention of the world? Driving the coolest cars and feeling the rush in the blood while driving these four tier gadget. Everything about it seems too much exciting. When we talk about them the curious kid grows inside us about how? What? When?

Here are some surprising and interesting facts about the cars that you haven’t heard before. Excited?

Here we take you to the joyous ride of facts.

  • Do you know that about 75% of cars that Rolls Royce has ever produced are still on road!
  • In Sweden even if it’s scorching daylight you need to keep your cars headlights on.
  • In many states in USA, even if your car is parked and you are sleeping drunk you will be charged with DUI. Now, that’s called rules isn’t it?
  • Want to cool down your car instantly that has been in sun for really long?  Just roll down one side of window, and start closing and opening the door on the other side of car five to six times. Amazing!  This is something we didn’t know.
  • Residents of Churchill, Canada leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter polar bears on main street.
  • In Dubai, the police fleet includes Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley. So, that they can catch speeders. Whoa! That’s so thrilling.
  • Did you know that the logo of Alfa Romeo actually contains a snake eating a man?
  • When Audi entered Indian market, they had to create a new car horn to withstand the heavy use!
  • Once, Mr. Rodger’s car was stolen the thief returned it back to him after he realized whose car it was. That’s called aura of the man.
  • Did you know that the windshield wipers were invented by woman?
  • Every day Ferrari makes about 14 cars!
  • In China, driving red cars is prohibited.
  • 16% of the people never wash their cars. That’s weird!
  • 1 out of every 4 cars that is produced in the world comes from China.
  • Do you know that Porsche is world’s most profitable car manufacturer?
  • While Hitler was in prison he wrote a letter to Mercedes Benz dealership begging for car loan.
  • Running your car down to empty shortens the life of fuel beware next time!
  • For all you aggressive guys, its legal to slam your door in Switzerland.


So all the cover lovers, did you knew these facts? I am sure these facts took you aback about your car knowledge. Now, when we know some facts about them. Let’s just take a note to the security issues. Yeah! Heard of the famous quote “SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS”, your love for car and speed shall not be the cause of regret of family. As the fact of all facts remains same safety comes first.

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