Introducing The New Peugeot 208

The new Peugeot 208 has definitely made an impact on us here at Carhoots. Their quirky ad campaign “Let your body drive”  has set the tone for this regenerated Peugeot model: athletic, adventurous and youthful. We had a closer look at the design and technological advances implemented in the 208 to see what else this bold compact car has to offer…

Peugeot’s designers envisaged the car to be agile and sensuous, with a touch of class and elegance. With the reduced overhangs, sleek angles, striking sunroof and impressive body shape, we’d agree that the 208 embodies all of the above. Peugeot have aimed to create an ambitious 3 door car whereby its size does not limit the driving experience and performance, but rather adds to their environmental goals. New advances in engineering, aerodynamics and extra touches such as ultra-low resistance tyres have made the car one of their greenest ever!  Moreover, the ingenious slimming down of the 208 has resulted in a significant reduction in weight and improved Co2 emissions (Peugeot 208 is a massive 173kg less that an equivalent 207 with a similar engine). Although the 208 has a smaller exterior body, it amazingly has a more spacious interior and boot than the 207, with a lot more (much appreciated!) leg room. The nippy speed that can be reached in the 208 despite its size is also a pleasant surprise.

Intended as an everyday car, Peugeot have also focused on making the 208 “precise and refined”. The floating front grille, Peugeots signature LED lighting and boomerang-shaped rear lights have added that extra oomph to their dynamic exterior look.  The cool but cosy interior has also been adapted to be more intuitive and convenient for the driver. With a smaller steering wheel, the instrument panel placed at eye level and a large colour touch-screen, comfort is key.
Following trend with a lot of the new car models released this and next year (like the Vauxhall Adam), there are 3 new personalised designs to choose from, each with a bold sunroof pattern and customized interior and exterior fittings:

-Ligne S: Motorsport-themed with stripes or chequered flag pattern
-Street: Alternative and Hip.
-Graffic: A dark Chrome finish for a more elegant touch.

Peugeot -208-Street

Let us know what you think! We’d also recommend you take a look at the innovative website for the Peugeot 208 – try the interactive experience is quite good fun!  

By Sarah L


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