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Is This The Sound Of Ferrari’s 2014 V6 F1 Engine? (VIDEO)

Is This The Sound Of Ferrari’s 2014 V6 F1 Engine? (VIDEO)

LaFerrari test mule gets spied at Fiorano running Ferrari’s 2014 V6 turbo F1 engine. It sounds biblical.

A Ferrari LaFerrari test mule has been spied roaming around Fiorano, and it’s got the neighbors kicking up a bit of a stink. Probably. Y’see, this is no ordinary V12 LaFerrari road car that has to meet strict noise pollution requirements. Oh no, this sweet concoction has what we can assume is Ferrari’s 2014 F1 engine at its heart.

How can we tell? Well, it’s bloody loud, it definitely isn’t a V8, there are turbocharger whistles going off all over the place, and that roof scoop looks like the central air intake that all F1 cars have. Before you get too excited we should point out that this is probably a one-off car built purely to test the new engine. You won’t be seeing anything like this on the road. Ever.

Of course, the F1 rules change next year. The naturally aspirated 2.4liter V8s used for the past few years will be replaced by more fuel efficient 1.6liter turbocharged V6 engines. We reckon this V6 motor sounds wicked cool, especially towards the end of the video where the driver gives it the full beans… Take a look.

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