Italian Job Heists Hit Europe

Two Italian Job style car heists have hit Europe recently both echoing the film stealing millions of dollars. Both robberies involve mastermind style plans worthy of any Blockbuster car movie.

A whopping $50 million in uncut diamonds were stolen off a plane at Brussels Airport in a heist that would be worthy of any action movie. Along with a Taiwanese animation we can show you how it happened. Two cars entered the airport through holes that were cut in the metal security fence immediately when the plane landed. The cars disguised as police cars (blue sirens on top) approached the plane and 8 men in police uniforms got out to violently held up the plane. They held the plane crew up and pilots and like clockwork they were out in 3 minutes with the precious loot. The only evidence that was left behind was a burnt out Mercedes sprint van outside the airport, as the robbers switched cars to get away. It is possible the diamonds value could be far higher than $50 million.


The second heist is straight out of a scene the Italian job and actually echoes the film by taking place in the mountainous Northern Italy near the Swiss border. Armed robbers (with Kalashnikovs machine guns!) blocked a road with by setting a big rig truck on fire. The blockage caused the armoured trucks to stop, where they used explosive charges to blast the doors of the vehicle and took a cool $2.6 million in cash and gold bars. Like the Brussels heist they got away leaving behind a nails all over the roads so the polizia and carabinieri would have no chance in catching them. Sadly we have no Taiwenesse animation but we do have a iconic clip from the Italian Job which relates to this heist:

 “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”


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