Jaguar F Type U.S TV Commercials Released | (VIDEO)

Jaguar have released their latest TV commercials for the new Jaguar F type which is set to hit dealerships in America this month.

The British manufacturer is ready to launch it’s ad campaign in the states and hopefully the big celebrity endorsements appearing in the commercials will help sell the $69,000 priced convertible sports car.

The “Your Turn” titled campaign will be everywhere, on TV, movies, print, digital, mobile, tablet and you won’t be able to hide away from it on social media platforms either! 

So be sure to see an awful lot of the Jaguar F type in the next few months and the likes of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, ESPN commentator Stuart Scott, and Playboy playmate of the year Raquel Pomplun. The F-Type will also be incorporated into a Jimmy Kimmel Live commercial, integrated with the USA Network’sCovert Affairs, and highlighted on Speed TV.

WOW, Jaguar are really going for it with this one…Check out the ads below.

“When you hear it, you want it. When you see it, you want it even more. But when you drive it, that’s when you just have to have it. “

2013 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Raquel Pomplun, and our all-new F-TYPE.

“It’s your turn to discover a legend for your lifetime.”

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