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Justin Bieber Leaves Miley Cyrus’ House In Leopard Print Audi R8 | (VIDEO)

It’s Justin Biebers new car again with the Leopard Print Audi R8! We saw it parked in his drive last week, but this week he is behind the wheel as he leaves his pals ‘Miley Cyrus’ crib with his presidential like Entourage in tow! Are those guys dating?? Who knows, but what we do know that this is yet another celebrity car and sadly another crime against humanity.

Check out the video and our writers, Aiden Taylors, opinion on Biebers antics…

I’d be covering my face, too Justin, if I were driving the most disgusting Audi R8 known to man. And the Audi R8 isn’t a car that’s made hideous easily either, unlike the Porsche Panamera or the BMW 5 Series GT which come straight out of the box looking like demented whales. What an effort.

This of course is not the first time Justin Bieber has ruined an otherwise tasteful car. Remember the chrome wrapped Fisker Karma? Fisker is now in deep financial strife following Biebers molestation of the Karma, naturally, Beiber is to blame for their financial woes – in my mind.

Justin Bieber Chrome Fisker

He’s also got a Ferrari 458, which apparently wears baby blue Ferrari shields rather than lame ‘ol Ferrari yellow ones – come on Justin, why o why?


This leopard print Audi R8 is certainly the worst crime he’s committed thus far, it is an absolute atrocity. Biebers antics need to be stopped. The cars here haven’t done anything wrong, they didn’t deserve to be destroyed and defamed in such a horrible way. R8 sales were strong too; but if I were considering purchasing an R8 right now, I’d be put off, I should imagine that following this news R8 sales will fall dramatically. What a great shame. The madness needs to stop.  

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)


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