Maserati Quattroporte Destroyed Over Poor Dealership Service (VIDEO)

Poor dealership service: come to carhoots to review a car dealership or garage. The Chinese have ‘hands on’ solution. Now, watch and cringe at what happens to this poor Maserati Quattroporte.

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Hopefully we’ll be able to take this model to China soon as they have a more physical approach to dealing with bad customer service. Grab your mates, your car, some sledgehammers, public location and go its smashing time on your car.  A very public demonstration, ‘sticking it to the dealers’ – the very place where they bought and serviced their car.

DETAILS: The owner of this poor Maserati Quattroporte reckons his car was repaired using faulty 2nd hand parts by the official Maserati distributor in the Qingdao, China. Then suffering poor dealership service he absolutely fuming. His solution to dealing with this? He decided to destroy the car in front of a gathered crowd at the Qingdao auto show.

Stupidly at its best or protest that caught peoples attention round the world? We’ll let you decide…
(warning: these guys swing like tiny girls)


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