McLaren P1 Supercar Driven On The Street. FAST. | VIDEO

Shmee gets an exclusive ride in the jaw-dropping McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar, and gosh it’s quick!

We know the McLaren P1 is damn fast. 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and 0- 124mph in about the time it takes for a Ford Fiesta ST to hit sixty-two (6.8 seconds). The performance is just completely mad. And the 908hp P1 could even be the quickest production car ever to lap the Nuburgring if the current rumours are to be believed.

But, what does all of this physics-bending, face-melting performance look like on the road where there are blind pensioner drivers and men in vans? Well, pretty ruddy alarming actually – check out Shmee’s video below. 


We quite like how the chap driving says “it’s fast, isn’t it?”… 

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