Meet ‘Steeri!’ Apple’s attempt at a Driverless Car! (parody VIDEO)

Meet 'Steeri!' Apple's attempt at a Driverless Car! (parody VIDEO)

Watch this hilarious Apple parody video where “Steeri” ridicules Apple and Driverless Cars

Apple’s answer to the Google driverless car…. Or is it?

“You’ve already seen what Siri can do for your phone, now here’s what ‘Steeri’ can do for your car…”


If Apple ever tried to challenge Google’s Driverless car technology, the outcome could be either l or kind of terrifying. The comedic geniuses at the ‘The Smart Department’ comedy group went for the latter which takes everything that is wrong about Siri and puts the tech behind the wheel of a car.

So, what might it look like if Siri drove a car? Watch the video below to see the disastrous  consequences:

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