Meet The McLaren Car Family

After our recent blog “The Need for Speed” where we ranked the legendary McLaren F1 as one of our top five fast cars, we felt the need to take a look into McLarens journey since then and meet the most recent member joining the McLaren road car family

The McLaren F1:

  • 1988: McLaren made the decision to expand from Formula One race car design to take on the mission to create and produce “the finest sports car the world has ever seen”. 
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  • 1992: The iconic McLaren F1 was launched in Monaco. A pioneer of its time, it quickly became a favourite having the “racing car” background and most innovative technologies. Now, on its 20th anniversary, it is still considered an extraordinary supercar, its dynamic design and explosive driving experience – timeless.
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  • The McLaren Road Car DNA: carbon efficient, low weight, clever packaging, great quality and innovative design. Some qualities that we will see have been passed on through the following McLaren generations.
  • Until the Bugatti Veyron was launched and tested, The McLaren F1 proudly owned the title of fastest road car in the world (240 mph).

Mclaren F1

The MP4-12C:

  • 2010: McLaren Automotive officially launch as a new car company. The planning and designing of a whole range of high performance sports cars begins.
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  • 2011: The 12C is the first to be launched in the range. Following suit with the McLaren F1, the 12C is light and aerodynamic with a stunning exterior design. Still a pioneer in carbon efficiency, it uses a Monocell and becomes is the first road sports car to have a one-piece carbon chassis.

Mclaren -mp 4-12c -04

NOW- THE PRESENT 2012- The NEW 12C Spider:

  • 2012: McLaren Automotive announces its second MP4-12C model: the twin-turbo V8-engined, convertible 12C Spider.
    What’s the same?

  • Following the groundbreaking innovations of the MP4-12C, the Spider incorporates the same carbon “Monocell” chassis.
  • It shares the original F1 DNA: lightweight, high performance engine and spectacular design.

    What’s different?

  • The unique Retractable Hard Top (RHT) of the new 12C Spider not only looks remarkably stylish but also makes the driving experience even more exciting! More so, it can be retracted in less than 17 seconds whilst on the move at speeds of up to 30kph!
  • The speed of the MP4-12C and the 12C Spider both now surpass the original record-breaking speed of the F1. The Spider can reach 60mph is just 3.1 seconds and can race up to 329kph. With the new open top, the thrill of driving at such speeds will be even more exhilarating!
  • The 12C Spider is currently available to order, the latest addition to the adored McLaren road car family. 

Mclaren _spider _0015

The 12C Spider is such a stunning and powerful supercar, here at Carhoots we find it hard to imagine how McLaren could do better, but we sincerely hope that they do and continue to produce these magnificent vehicles! We love how to see such iconic features pioneered by the original McLaren F1 design becoming a statement of quality and can’t wait to see future car concepts from the McLaren family!

By Sarah L



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