Mercedes-Benz Shows Off Google Services Integration At I/O

Car tech is all the rage recently with the innovations from Tesla and co, and Mercedes are joining up with Google to ensure they are ahead of the game!

Motortrend reported:

Mercedes-Benz have partnered with Google to integrate the internet giant’s services into its next-generation COMAND infotainment system, this time for Android devices.

Already available for iPhone owners in some markets, the service has this week been previewed at Google’s I/O developers conference, pointing to an upcoming Android debut.

The new Drive Kit Plus package works like Apple’s Siri Eyes Free, bringing tighter integration between your smartphone and the car’s on-board systems.

In Merc’s COMAND system, the Drive Kit Plus package also integrates social media, music and video, and places of interest – drawn from Google’s popular Maps service.

Mercedes demonstrated the features on a current-generation SL convertible, but the carmaker says the features will soon be available across its line-up.

The carmaker also showcased a new ‘Digital DriveStyle’ display, demonstrating the capabilities of Google’s ‘Places’ service, enhanced specifically for in-car use.

In the preview, Mercedes showed off a destinations-on-the-go function, which points motorists to popular locations nearby, while also offering live traffic updates via Google Traffic.

Digital DriveStyle remains a concept for now, but Mercedes expects to package it with Drive Kit Plus this year.
Via: MotorTrend

This sounds like a real winner for Mercedes getting in with the worlds leading tech company ahead of competitors will put them in a promising position to be leaders of car technology in the future!



What next for google and mercedes? Perhaps a partnership in Googles driverless cars??

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