Mercedes-Benz Unveil The GLA45 AMG ‘Concept’ in L.A.

Mercedes-Benz Unveil The GLA45 AMG ‘Concept’ in L.A.

Mercedes SUV-ify the A45 AMG hatchback… Behold, the GLA45 AMG SUV (with daft stickers).

The Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV is, essentially, a slightly raised up version of the A-Class hatch. The two share chassis components, engines, interiors and some exterior body panels, too. So, armed with this important information you’re probably thinking that this new GLA45 AMG has lots in common with the A45 AMG… If you thought that, well done, have a metaphorical biscuit you intelligent human being.

So then, the GLA45 AMG uses the same 2.0liter turbocharged engine producing 355hp and the same 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system as it’s lower, better looking, faster, more desirable A-Class cousin. The same seven-speed dual clutch gearbox also features.

The high-ish riding AMG is, unsurprisingly, fast. How fast? Try zero to 62mph in less than five seconds on for size.
Mercedes are remaining coy on the specific performance and efficiency figures because they’re calling this car the ‘GLA45 AMG Concept’ – but the only thing that isn’t production ready here are the tacky Fast and Furious-style decals. 

Even the hot hatch has been turned into an SUV now. When will the SUV-ification madness end!?

Images: Mercedes-Benz

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