Mercedes To Rival Porsche 911 With SLC Greenlighted For 2016 Release

Mercedes-Benz have excited the sports car world with the news that they will be releasing a new SLC model in 2016 to rival Porsche 911.

Benzinsider gave us the scoop;

Despite having a lot of sporty 2-door models, Mercedes really doesn’t have a dedicated fighter to the 911, and the SLC is being aimed to be that model. Tentative pricing rumors slot the SLC between a Carrera S and a 4S. To do battle with the Porsche icon, Mercedes has announced that the SLC will be equipped with a twin turbo V8.  This engine will be a newAMG development called the M177, which will boast of an output of 485 horsepower. This engine will be first seen in the upcoming C63, while an S variant of the engine is also being developed, which will then have an output of 550 horsepower.

Outright horsepower is well and good, but the SLC’s target made its name through the decades in circuits around the world. This should not be a concern for Mercedes, as the various successes of the SLS in recent years have shown that they have the handling department covered too. Pretty soon, we should be seeing spyshots of this sports car romping around. What’s been confirmed though is that the SLC will not have the gullwing doors of its bigger SLS brother.

via: Benzinsider.com


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