Mustang Gets Lead Role In New Need For Speed Movie (VIDEO)

The news that all Need For Speed fans have been waiting for… Ford is building a 900bhp Mustang to play the ‘hero car’ in the new movie based on the video game. 

Yes, thats’ right, the popular racing video game is moving to the big screen and will arrive at theatres next March, conveniently coinciding with Mustangs 50th anniversary. What a way to celebrate adding to the
incredible history of Mustang’s appearing in movies. Mustang has been James Bond’s car in Goldfinger, Steve McQueen’s legendary Bullit and the mystical Eleanor in Gone in Sixty Seconds.

“Need for Speed is rooted in Americana, and when we were casting our hero car for the film, Ford Mustang was the obvious choice,” said DreamWorks’ Stacey Snider. 

What is exactly is Need for Speed? Only the most successful racing video game series in the world which seen as
 the ultimate racing game and has everything from real track racing to more Fast & Furious style street racing. Director Scott Waugh wanted to stay close to the game as possible describing Need For Speed as “definitely accurate and authentic to real racing car culture,” and  promises that moviegoers will feel like they’re “really driving at 230mph”.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re driving a 900bhp custom Ford Mustang. It was a ‘one-off’ specially  designed for the film with a custom wide body, massive 22-inch alloy wheels, with larger air intakes to feed the powerful supercharged 5.2 litre V8 engine under its classic Mustang twin-nostril hood.

If you can’t wait to see until next year to see Mustang up on the big screen, then check out the behind the scenes  action on the set of the new Need For Speed Movie:


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