14 GIFs That Show Your Reactions As A Petrol Head

Us petrol heads experience many things in a day; some bad, some good and some that can only be explained with a loud WTF. Here are fourteen of your reactions in GIF format.


1. Someone tells you their car is faster than yours.


2. How you drive home after seeing Fast and Furious 6



3. When you drive on the motorway.


4. Kia builds another concept car that’ll never enter production.


5. You see a hideous Ssangyong.


6. Someone revs their awesome car unnecessarily at the lights.


7. While your turbo spools.


8. You accidentally drift around a corner.


9. You see a mighty fine car.


10. Someone tells you their custom exhaust adds 30whp.


11. You see a pretty girl driving a hot car.


12. Your friend gets a Toyota GT86…. Automatic.


13. You rev match a downshift perfectly.


14. You see a Hyundai Excel with a stupid aftermarket rear wing.



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By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)



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