Sexy Aston Martin Ad Confirmed A Fake (PHOTOS)

Ladies and Gents…you can stop staring now!

It may be sad news for some of you to find out ‘that’ viral Aston Martin is actually indeed a fake. After trending worldwide on twitter, facebook and forums galore it was not a cleverly devised marketing campaign from Aston Martin but a simple Photoshop  probably made by some spotty teenager in his bedroom.

Aston Martin Sex Ad
The controversial advert confirmed today that it was ‘fake’ and this was spotted due to a series of errors. First of all it says ‘pre owed’ instead of ‘pre-owned’.

Secondly, a simple search on google (its hard work at carhoots!) shows that this is in fact Dutch Playmate Rosanne Jongenelen from an issue of Playboy Germany.

Furthermore, we found from our friends at Carscoops (via twitter) that the message has in fact been used before by BMW.


BMW sex ad
Original BMW “But do we really care?” advert

One thing we can take home from this scandal is the saying ‘sex sells’ has never been more true today.

Even though this was a hoax ad: do you think this will benefit or detrimental to Aston Martin? Let us know below or tweet us @CarhootsUK

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