NISMO ZEOD RC Electric Le Mans Race Car Revealed | VIDEO

Nismo and Nissan are headed to Le Mans 2014 with the wild hybrid-powered ZEOD RC racer. It looks AWESOME. 

Nismo and Nissan have announced that they will indeed be racing at Le Mans 2014. But what they’ll be competing with isn’t exactly what you’d call a conventional racecar. For starters it looks like a Star Wars space ship sort of thing with wheels. And it’s a hybrid.  

It’s called the ZEOD RC (Zero Emissions On Demand Race Car) and it looks properly fascinating. It evolves the philosophy of Nissan Delta Wing that competed at this year’s Le Mans 24hour event. 

Video one: public reveal

So, how does it all work? Well, it’s very complicated, but essentially because all of the weight is over the rear axle, the front doesn’t need a lot of rubber connecting it to the road, and while you might think that will upset the handling balance immensely, it doesn’t, because the nose is very long. So the balance is spot on. 

NISMO are keeping tight lipped regarding the exact specifications of the racer, but it’s believed to be powered by a special 1.6liter turbocharged engine, and electric motors. Apparently the ZEOD RC will be the first ever car to complete a full lap of the 8.5mile long Le Mans circuit in complete silence using electricity only. Cool? 

It’ll be fast, too. With the combustion engine chugging away, NISMO say the ZEOD RC will reach 185mph down the straights, and is capable of lapping the circuit quicker than existing LM GTE class cars. 

Video two: shakedown

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