Old Spock vs New Spock In New Audi Commercial | (VIDEO)

Spock Battle! New ad starring Leonard Nimoy in a Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 vs. Zachary Quinto in an Audi S7 shows why Audi are leading the way in automotive advertising

Yes, both Spocks both young and old face off in a battle of wits and driving in this funny new Audi commercial posted on YouTube, no doubt soon to go viral. It involves tactical chess, golf, a vulcan nerve pinch and bizarrely the Hobbit song.

Amongst the Quinto and Nimoy witty banter Audi manages to display the Audi S7 as the more advanced driving machine, putting the Mercedes CLS in its place. To top it off they end with Audi’s self driving car, now that’s “fascinating”

Watch ‘new luxury’ win the day in the form of Audi S7 and Zachary Quinto….


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