Payback: Workers Crush Boss’s Mercedes With A 70 Tonne Loading Shovel (VIDEO)

(Update: We have been informed by one of our followers that is in fact a Loading Shovel not a Bulldozer or Truck as the url states. A Bulldozer is a completely different machine which has a track and front blade. A quick lesson in heavy machinery for you there!)

If you hate your boss then you’ll love this video featuring the ultimate payback. Crush a mans car and you will quite literally crush his soul. 

REVENGE is a dish best served cold for workers in Switzerland in a recent protest over pay.

Normally disputes involve a few signs, chanting and a march through the local town. Not at this factory as they took it demonstrations to a completely different level crushing the bosses brand new Mercedes. One way to stick it to ‘the man’ 

Watch the beast of a machine crush the Mercedes CLK like a tin can.


Also, note, the light is still working after crushing – that’s German Engineering for you!

There are some comments that this is staged on youtube. What do you think carhooters? Tweet us at @Carhootsapp or leave a comment below

A hat tip to carthrottle.com

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