People Are Awesome – This Dash-Cam Footage Proves It!

When Dash Cams aren’t capturing crazy russian drivers, crashes or road rage, they’re filming acts of kindness and love. 

Before we show you the nice dash cam footage, we thought we would remind you of the crazy scenes captured normally. 


The conditions of Russian roads are atrocious with an insane gridlock in the city, football sized ditches and severe wintry conditions on the backroads and highways. There are also large, lawless areas you don’t just ride into and deeply frustrated drivers who want to smash the living daylights out of you.

Hence why we get such crazy Dash-Cam footage from Russia!

Enough bad talk now, lets see some acts of selflessness and kindness of people (Russian’s)…..from the view of the dash cam we so rarely see.

The below video might just restore your faith in humanity and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside…..Maybe people are awesome after all!


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