Alfa Romeo V6 Busso Engine Coffee Table

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: broken engine, metal, glass

  • Width: 65 centimetres
  • Height: 63 centimetres
  • Depth: 65 centimetres
  •   Enjoy the essence of Italian Motor passion while having a cup of great coffee

    They say you can't be a true car fan if you've never owned an Alfa Romeo! The Italian brand has been famous for its fiery nature and beauty for years.

    It is the combination of the refined design in the smallest details and the unique style that Alfa owes its status as a work of art on wheels, an icon inflated with Italian character like an espresso.
    The timeless spirit can be found in every part of these amazing vehicles. However, Alpha's greatest strength lies in its engines. Especially those under the sign of the V6 created by Giuseppe Busso.
    The passion of the legendary constructor is visible in every element. It boils right through the polished intake manifold tubes, symmetrically spaced cylinder blocks, and wonderfully designed valve covers. The Alfa V6 doesn't just power its cars. They are the essence of Italian perfection in the design of utility forms.
    Complete your home or garage with an automotive work of art
    Today, the brand that once celebrated triumphs on Formula 1 circuits and in the famous Targa Florio race, is still worshiped by true car enthusiasts.
    We have these enthusiasts in mind when we - as Custom Brothers - create another unique and new engine table. Perfectly refined down to the smallest details, created with passion. True to the Italian tradition of combining mechanical simplicity and pure beauty.
    Thanks to Custom Brothers, you can become the owner of one of them.
    Where will you put your Busso?
    The stylish Italian V6 will be great in your garage, giving you a place to relax among your vehicles. Set in a showroom, it will perfectly show your passion for motorization and a sense of good style. Or maybe in the office? Here it will emphasize the professionalism and commitment with which you run your business.
    If bought as a gift, it will be a bull's eye and will please every fan (not only Italian) of the automotive industry.
    By choosing a Custom Brothers table, you can be sure that you get a unique, perfectly made item, in which you can see the highest craftsmanship skills and the pure passion of its creators (Custom Brothers).

    PS shipping to the USA the table is shipped without a glass top, in 4 boxes, folding the table is not complicated with a little technical knowledge is pure pleasure and fun.