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We Finally Got Our Hands on Escort’s Max 360 Radar & Laser Detector & It’s a Game Changer (REVIEW)



Last week we wrote about how Escort, the radar and laser detector company is about to take radar technology to the next level. With the launch of the Max 360 Escort are set to continue being the leading choice of such type of technology and with this bit of kit it looks like they’ll pip Valentine One the other popular radar company to the crown of 2016’s best radar.

After we learned about the Max 360 we were pretty desperate to get our hands on one to try out and of course review for our awesome readers. So last week we were overjoyed when it arrived in the mail… just in time for a road trip in LA traffic!

First Things First
The Max 360 made a few promises we were keen to challenge. It promised power, precision and 360° protection – unmatched precision with directional arrows.

  • Arrows indicate the direction of the radar source for 360° protection

  • Dual antenna front + rear detection rapidly scans surrounding threats

  • GPS-powered AutoLearn technology intelligently rejects false alerts based upon signal frequency and location

But the promise that really caught our attention was their Escorts offer of a *Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee”. Yep, they’re so confident in the Max 360 that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is and there’s no better way to test it than a Holiday rush road trip where traffic radars of all kinds (Detectors and laser guns, red light cameras, photo radar and even air patrol!).



This type of technology has a little longer to go before they are able to offer a sleek design and finish, but radar detector design has come a long way since the ugly ones you used to see on the dashes of pickup trucks in the 90’s. This baby is probably the best designed out there and unlike others, I’d be comfortable mounting this on the dash and not throwing it in the glovebox when I have a VIP guest in the car.


Smartphone Integration

This was the part I was looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint. I downloaded the iPhone app and registered my device. Remember when satellite navigation systems used to send you down a road that no longer exists because the data was so old? Well, Escort has used technology similar to modern day Sat Nav that allows users to report radars they’ve seen, giving you a on the pulse real-time and up to date list of lasers around you. We didn’t get the opportunity to report any radars ourselves but look forward to participating and doing our bit for the Escort community in the future!


Those Arrows and Voice Alerts

Yep, those arrows are a game changer. It sounds super simple but the ability to be instantly aware of which direction the traffic radar is coming from gives you complete confidence and is much more safer, removing the need to be swiveling your head while driving. In addition to showing you the direction of the threat the Max 360 also shows you the type and strength of the speed-measurement system. 

You know what holiday traffic is like and it wasn’t long after I set off on my journey that I was instantly caught in busy, aggressive traffic to a destination I’d never been before with frequent changing speed limits. To possess the peace of mind and extra awareness that my new Escort buddy was providing me with was invaluable. Mistakes are usually made when traffic is busy and the pressure is higher and apparently 1/3 of all speed enforcement citations are erroneous.


I was continually being surprised at just how helpful this device was and as if it couldn’t get any better during one particular hap-hazardous situation we were relieved to hear an audio alert so I didn’t have to rely on looking at the device and taking my eyes off a very busy, dangerous road. Being able to see (or hear) the posted speed limit and the actual speed we were traveling at proved equally helpful and safe.

Final Thoughts

One final bit of cool technology was that the Max 360 automatically sends  alert locations to the largest collection of  red-light cameras, speed traps, and air-patrol alerts on the market… Escort’s ‘DEFENDER database’.

All in all, unlike most other radar detectors we’ve used in the past, Escorts MAX 360 is one we’ll definitely be keeping our hands on if we can. The increased level of confidence it provides you on the road with it’s 360 technology and audio voice alerts combined with it’s design and size justified the price tag which is equivalent to 1 speeding ticket violation.

You can learn more about the unit or purchase one over at Escort’s website and probably just in time to be delivered for Christmas or New Year. And the ‘speeding limited guarantee’? Well, lets just say Escorts confidence is justified!

*Receive 360° Coverage and Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee when purchased factory direct at Escort 360

This post brought to you by Escort Radar + Laser Detectors. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Carhoots.

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