Ron Burgundy loves the new Dodge Durango | (Video)

Ron Burgundy is a Dodge Man through and through. We look at the latest hilarious Dodge adverts starring multi award winning Channel 4 news Anchor, Ron Burgandy. 

Who is the hottest man on the planet right now. Ron Burgandy that’s who! 

Dodge have come up trumps in their new marketing campaign getting multi award winning news anchor, Ron Burgandy, to advertise their the new Dodge Durango. It’s a no brainer.  He is the only one to tell you the guts to what really matters. Engine size? Horsepower? NOPE…check out the glovebox. Not only does it comfortably fit two Turkey sandwiches, but also 70 packets of gum. Should be adequate for most people, no? 

The below videos are some of the best car commercials we’ve ever seen.  

In the 2nd commercial Ron seriously pokes fun at a horse (just deservingly!) after comparing it to the Dodge’s powerful 360 hp engine to a meager 1 hp,  ‘that makes you feel pretty dumb doesn’t it.’ With lines like, “Staring contest go….I win” this is the advertising gold. 

More on the glovebox…”It comes standard don’t you know.” 

In this ad you may be shocked. Silver tongued, award winning Burgandy losing his words!? Never!

Watch the video below to believe it.  “25 mmpgahs?? I’m saying it right but it just doesn’t sound familiar” 

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