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Shocking! Police Officer Slams DUI Suspect’s Head Into A Wall! (VIDEO)

Watch as this bad Cop slams handcuffed DUI suspect into wall during a interrogation. WARNING: graphic content.

Every once in a while a bad apple will come out in the police force that give cops a ‘bad rep’. This bad apple is Corrections Officer Charles Broaderick from Marion County, Florida. Broaderick aggressively slammed DUI (Driving Under the Influence) James Duckworth head in to a concrete wall while interviewing him, James was left bleeding and unconscious. 

Suspect James was ‘seen’ to have spat at the officer warranting Broaderick to take such aggressive action. However, we don’t actually see him spitting on the video all we hear is, “You don’t spit at officers.” Even if he is a DUI (a terrible crime) and did spit at him this doesn’t warrant such aggressive behaviour from the law to a defenceless handcuffed prisoner.

Make up your mind by watching the shocking surveillance footage below. WARNING: graphic content. 

News Report:

According to, the officer responsible was put in jail but released immediately after on bond. He is currently on unpaid suspension, pending an investigation.

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