Spectacular #LGMiniBeam Used To Display Animated Projections (VIDEO)

Spectacular #LGMiniBeam Used To Display Animated Projections (VIDEO)

Artist uses his Mini and a LG projector to amaze pedestrians with incredible realistic animations…

An artist has created spectacular animated projections out of his artwork. By simply hooking up his Mini to a high tech projector, the LG MiniBeam, the video artist Juan, is able to amaze and inspire pedestrians! 


It’s a great way to get his art out there, making it accessible and fun for all. He installs the projector in his car and drives around with the videos playing in front of his vehicle. It’s pretty incredible and very entertaining for passers by. 

Juan turns his car into a rocket, projects a pretty girl to kiss a very stunned male pedestrian and even creates a lifelike pool of water to startle onlookers! 

Check out the video to see what else the artist can do! 


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