Spin the Wheels, and the Reels – for Pinks!

While the first video games didn’t involve cars, racing games appeared soon after the rise of the gaming phenomenon. The first true car racing game was Speed Race, released in 1974 by Japanese video game developer Taito. Since then we see a flow of racing games – street racing titles like the Need for Speed series, rally games like the WRC series, and even F1 racing games. Not to mention the tons of futuristic, or even funny, carting and racing titles. And slot machines, of course – because no genre can escape these. Today I’ll introduce you to a funny racing-inspired slot machine you can try yourself at the All Slots Casino: Racing for Pinks online slot, available at

Racing for Pinks

If you’re old enough, you’ll surely remember the famous cartoon series called “Wacky Races”, featuring Dick Dastardly, and his snickering sidekick, Muttley, in a highway race across the country. Or better still, the Cannonball Run series, with bin names like Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Roger Moore, and the Rat Pack.

Racing for Pinks seems to have reached back to such amazing ancestors for inspiration. All the wheels on its reels were inspired by the cars from one of the two: modifications and paint jobs, some of which might make a fan drool, are mixed with some of the most stereotypical driver syou can think of. One of them is an American oldtimer similar to Reynolds’ Tradesman in The Cannonball Run. Others, inspired by the Wacky Races, or possibly a more recent racing game with a bloodier setting: Carmageddon.

Where to play

You can try the Racing for Pinks video slot machine free, or for real if you choose, at the All Slots Online Casino, a reputable and trustworthy gaming destination open for players all over the world.

Racing for Pinks is not the only car-themed slot machine at the All Slots Casino. It has a massive library of games, on desktop devices and smartphones alike, with new games added to the list every month. The list of similar games includes the Retro Reels series, featuring some legendary wheels, or Five Reel Drive, another car-inspired title. While not all of the games at the casino feature cars, motorcycles, babes, there is something for everyone there – games inspired by movies, TV shows, even video games, and tons of fresh, original content, waiting to be explored. Just make sure you don’t play them while you drive – although all of them come with a handy Autoplay feature. But that ruins all the fun of playing them, right?

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