Subaru BRZ STI tS Teased | (Photos)

A harder and faster Subaru BRZ wearing STI badges has been teased on STI Japan’s website. Could it be the turbo version that all the fan boys have been crying out for?

The only thing slightly wrong with the Subaru BRZ is its ability to be out-dragged by pensioners in dowdy Lexus hybrids. It simply isn’t the straight line speed demon that its aggressive exterior styling might suggest. And while it has enough power to overwhelm its rubbish rear tyres, many have criticized the BRZ for not being fast enough. 


However, that could all be about to change. Today teaser images of a Subaru BRZ with STI badges adorning its rally blue paint appeared on STI Japan’s website along with the slogan ‘Purity of Handling’. If you’ve not got a clue as to what ‘STI’ is or think it’s some sort of dirty disease, you should probably go back to watching sushi cat videos on YouTube or something, because S, T and I are three letters synonymous with blistering tarmac crossing performance, and usually turbo power. 

The file names given to Subaru’s images suggest that the car will be called the BRZ tS – the ‘tS’ bit stands for tuned by STI. Subaru currently sells a Liberty tS in Japan and the car’s modifications are centered around handling rather than straight line performance with the drivetrain hardware remaining untouched with the exception of a sports exhaust system.


Whether or not the BRZ tS will a receive a turbocharged power plant is unknown, but the package will surely offer more than the already lightly modified BRZ S sold in some specific markets. That car features lighter wheels, stiffer springs and dampers, plus a few styling trinkets, but no engine modifications. 

It has been reported that the next generation 2015 Subaru WRX will use a turbocharged version of the FA 2.0liter direct injection boxer four found in the standard BRZ with Subaru’s own direct injection system rather than Toyota’s. If these reports are indeed true that means the turbocharged version of the 2.0liter engine would fit in the BRZ’s chassis with very little tweaking. Perhaps this tS BRZ will adopt that turbo engine and give many fan boys the rapid BRZ they’ve been crying out for. We’re certainly hoping that this is the case.

Image: Subaru BRZ S 

Toyota on the other hand, who co-developed the BRZ/GT86 with Subaru, have canned their plans to produce a turbocharged version of their GT86 sticking with the idea of leaving it up to the tuners to fiddle with the engine and do the turbocharging trickery.

Subaru has confirmed nothing just yet, but the Tokyo Motor Show is fast approaching and would make a more than ideal stage for Subaru to reveal their hot BRZ in full. 

Stay tuned.

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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