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    10 Of The Best Clever Car Billboards

    With online advertising and expensive multimedia campaigns, you may fear the iconic billboard advert is dead.

    Fear not; billboards are still going strong. And they are as eye-catching and clever as ever; whether that’s a good thing for us consumers or not.

    After looking at lists of the best, and the worst, TV commercials, alongside our top 20 print ads, we’ve compiled our top 10 clever billboard advertisements.

    10) Audi R8 GT

    Advertising is all about personalization these days. And gaining the attention of Lake Forest, IL is a good start. By keeping the locals on their toes looking out for an Audi R8 Gt


    9) BMW i3 – Become Electric

    What better way to advertise the world’s first premium fully electric car, than with electricity styling? The glowing effect around the cut-out of the i3 is certainly very striking, and is sure to catch the attention of passers by. Although it does vaguely look like something out of TRON.


    8) Mini – Let there be Xenon

    Attracting a crowd from far further than eye distance of the ad itself, these Batman-esque lights in the sky are sure to make you look at this gravity-defying Mini. Plus, it demonstrates the true power of Xenon.


    7) Ford Mustang – Fast

    GE Lexan EXL semi-transparent resin gave birth to this advert for the Mustang. So what is it? Well, it blurs the scene behind the billboard, whatever it may be; demonstrating the speed and ferocity of Ford in a way no other advert could. Awesome.


    6) Mini – Electronic Billboard

    These personalized ads are activated via humans with iPads, displaying photos of drivers and various messages. Mini’s idea was to make their brand feel special, with the hashtag #MiniNotNormal supporting this. I can’t help but think this would be a pretty major distraction for drivers, however.


    5) Hot Wheels – Loop the loop billboard

    Okay, so maybe this one isn’t directly a car brand. But it’s still car related, and I couldn’t resist including it.  On a long stretch of highway, coming across this Hot Wheels loop-the-loop is sure to bring a smile to your face. Ahh, to be young.


    4) Smart – Small is beautiful

    Smart have always gone about things differently, and this campaign is no different. Who said billboards have to be huge? Small car, small billboard. Very classy.


    3) Smart – Bridge jump billboard

    Another entry from Smart, demonstrating the more fun and zany side of advertisements. Having to double-take the view of a car making the jump between this bridge is a very “smart” idea.


    2) Ford Mustang – Smoking billboard

    Couple a billboard with a smoke machine, and this is what you get. Appearing at the Woodward Dream Cruise, every 3 minutes the rear tire would spin, generating the appearance of a burnout.


    1) Audi and BMW – Chess Billboard War

    If you have seen this before, then you probably saw this coming. One of my personal favorite brand-wars, the two German car manufacturers BMW and Audi go head-to-head billboard style.  Who wins this game of chess? It’s a tough choice.


    Honorable mention: 

    So the last post was pretty smart, right? Well Audi replied once more, showing off their sports car prowess in the form of the R8. Of course, BMW also have their own heritage of fast cars, in the form of F1. Unfortunately, it seems the blimp was a photoshop, but to be frank, that doesn’t have any effect on the impact for us on the internet. It still remains a stroke of pure genius, in one of the best rivalries going.


    Have we missed out one of your favorites? Let us know over on Twitter @Carhootsapp

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    20 Of The Best Car Print Ads

    Advertising is an integral part of our everyday lives. And whilst some of it is incessant and annoying, others are pure genius. Perhaps worthy of being labelled as art, if it weren’t for the business side of things.

    Here at Carhoots, we’ve come together with 20 top car print adverts you can find; whether they’re funny, ingenious, or eye-catching.

    20) Mazda BT-50 – The Farm

    This ad manages to align themselves with a large portion of their target audience in style. Doesn’t it look blissful?


    19) Land Rover – Eyeballs

    This print ad expresses the kind of adventure you can have with a Land Rover. Although for some, this may be a tad too much.


    18) Ford – Ford Service and Tires

    Conquer the ice, they say? There’s no doubt this is impressive advertising, and is pretty striking; but realism obviously wasn’t their focus. But hey, this is the world advertising; who said any of it had to be true?!


    17) Fiat 500 – Emissions

    What’s better than animals in advertisements? Animals driving cars in advertisements. Fiat go one better, by showing a Panda driving and crashing a Fiat 500.


    16) Mini – Rollercoaster

    What’s more fun than a rollercoaster? Driving a Mini Cooper, of course.


    15) Land Rover Discovery 4 – Goggles

    Man and car as one, in places man cannot survive. That’s what the Land Rover Discovery is all about, right? LAND-ROVER-Goggles

    14)  Smart – Pollution:

    More of a global warming advert than anything, but it does manage to clearly show how much difference driving a Smart car could make.smart_polluting2

    13) MG – Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It:

    Sex sells, but who’s buying? Lots of people, after seeing this advert.


    12) Mini – Halloween:

    A nifty ad playing with the Mini’s playful stereotype, turning it quite literally on it’s head. Scary stuff.


    11) Plymouth Neon – Hi:

    What a cute little car. It’s saying hi! Why shouldn’t I buy it?


    10) Ford Fusion – Urban Activity Vehicle:

    A very clever idea that certainly pays off; access to the city in the palm of your hands.


    9) Volkswagen Beetle – Lemon:

    The VW Beetle had a lot of good ads, and this is one that sold the car in droves. Think small, don’t focus on luxury; focus on lemons.volkswagen_lemon_hires1

    8) Jeep – Earth Day:

    A clever take on the Earth Day, managing to align the 4×4 Jeep with a concept that are usually opposed. I’m also rather fond of the minimalist design.


    7) Audi A1 – A Big Idea Condensed:

    A clever design exploring everything the A1 has to offer. No arguments there.audi_a1_idea_condensed4

    6) Volkswagen Jetta – Beach:

    If only this one were true. A clever take on the Jetta, showing there’s fun for all the family. Although I’m not sure this would meet safety regulations, being made of sand and all.

    Jetta special awards version final.indd

    5) Volvo Turbo Wagon:

    An oldie, but a goody.  Cargo space and power; what more do you need?


    4) Ford – Bluetooth v Headphones:

    Managing to turn a daily nuisance in the life of many into an amusing advert, and then offer a solution, is a smart move from Ford. Mine always end up in the Double overhand knot, whatever I do.


    3) Porsche – Nobody’s Perfect:

    Simplicity is the key to advertising. And the LeMans results spoke for themselves in Porsche’s ad, alongside a little sarcastic self-depreciating humor. Classy.


    2) Daihatsu Hijet MPV:

    The truth hurts. No many how glamorous a Lamborghini may be, this situation is an impossibility.


    1) Audi – Can’t Stop Driving:

    Despite the fact this ad suggests Audi are the chosen car for criminals, it is brilliant. It takes a minute for the message to sink in, and highlights how much fun this guy must be having to leave his mates in the midst of a heist. And not a car in sight. Genius.


    There we have it. Did we miss out on any of your favorites? Let us know over on Twitter @Carhootsapp

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