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    Ride in a Tank With Arnold Schwarzenegger and CRUSH Stuff For Charity (VIDEO)

    crush a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger

    The action hero, bodybuilder and former California governor is giving a fans the chance to ride shotgun with him in his “own fucking tank”  while he runs over anything you like – from a copy of Million Dollar Baby – to an giant Easter egg.

    Oh, it gets even cooler. He’ll even be smoking a big fat cigar while doing it!

    You can enter to win a chance to ride shotgun in his M47 Patton tank here.  “Go on do it, get in da tank” (Arnie voice)

    Here’s what Arnie has to personally say about it:

    “I don’t cry no you didn’t just pass out. I’m inviting you personally the Los Angeles the crashed into my tank with me. All you have to do is go on www.omaze.com/experiences/arnold-schwarzenegger.  Just going to pump a bit home as this will benefit the after school program.Well, what are you waiting for come to Los Angeles let’s go around crush things with a tank.”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger tank crush “Million Dollar Baby makes me cry, so lets crush it”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger crushes things in tank “Is a weight bench with 501 pounds, I’m gonna crush my own record”

    crush stuff in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger “You could sit here in Arnie’s “own fucking tank”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger in tank“Let’s crush a taxicab”

    Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 16.28.23

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