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    Jeremy Clarkson will be sacked from Top Gear

    Jeremy Clarkson

    British news reports that Jeremy Clarkson will be sacked from his position on Top Gear with an official BBC announcement pending. 

    The BBC is expected to announce the findings of its investigation into the fracas involving Clarkson and a junior Top Gear producer today, revealing the fate of Clarkson and Top Gear as we know it.

    The Daily Telegraph is claiming to have inside information, reporting that the decision to sack Clarkson has been made but Top Gear will continue with a replacement host.

    54 year old Clarkson was on his final warning before getting involved in a physical altercation with Irish producer Oisin Tymon who was hospitalised following the incident.

    The Daily Telegraph reports; ‘it is understood a report into the so-called ‘fracas’ at a North Yorkshire hotel concluded that [the] presenter spent 20 minutes verbally abusing producer Oisin Tymon, before launching a 30 second physical assault on him.’

    It’s believed the BBC finds itself with no choice but to end Clarkson’s career as presenter of Top Gear.

    Reports are suggesting that the BBC hopes to replace Clarkson with radio host and massive petrol head Chris Evans – who has an epic collection of Ferraris including a 250 GTO worth £12 million.

    Previously Clarkson’s co-presenter’s Richard Hammond and James May refused to film the show without him. Whether they continue with the show or follow Clarkson into other ventures is unknown at this point.

    An official announcement regarding the future of Top Gear and Clarkson is expected to come from BBC Director General Lord Hall in the coming hours.

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    Zenvo ST1 Burns Rubber, And Itself, On Top Gear

    It seems Zenvo are not only set on burning rubber.

     The Danish brand Zenvo started producing this very exclusive car in 2009, and recently, Jeremy Clarkson got his hands on it. So naturally, in classic Top Gear style, it caught fire. Yikes.


    No biggie though. It only costs a cool $1.8 million. I’m sure there’s plenty where that came from. Oh, wait…

    Production of the car is limited to only 3 a year, with only 15 being built for approved customers; and it seems the world has already lost one of them.



    Check out the video below!



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