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    New Batman Ben Affleck and his Batmobile Revealed

    ben affleck batmobile

    Double whammy! A moody teaser photo revealing New Batman Ben Affleck and the his Batmobile for the Batman vs. Superman movie has been revealed.

    Director Zack Snyder – the man behind the recent Superman flick Man of Steel –  tweeted a photo first announcing, “could be time to pull the tarp…tomorrow” (see below) with a juicy teaser of the new Batmobile.

    He has since then released another tweet with a photo of Batfleck (Ben Affleck) looking super badass as the new Batman standing besides his Batmobile. Check out that muscle suit!

    At first glance it is clear that the new Batmobile is a blend of Christopher Nolan’s military grade Tumbler at the front and Joel Schumacher’s more cartoonish Batmobiles from the rear. The Tumbler needed a much needed re-vamp and glad they have moved back to a more car-like Batmobile.

    No word on whether this new Batmobile will be packing 400bhp as the Tumbler did, nor if it will contain the cool Batpod that was used to take on the Joker in the Dark Knight Rises.

    As for the new Batman Ben Affleck;  it looks like he has been hitting the gym from the striking appearance his muscular suit, the real difference, if you look a bit closer is the much shorter ears. Perhaps a nod to the 1960s Batman TV series with Adam West?

    The Batman vs. Superman movie is expected to arrive in cinemas May 2016. Stay tuned for more Batmobile updates.

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