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    ‘Ferrari’ is a banned search term in China, but why?

    The Internet has been a boon for car enthusiasts; after all, information about any car ever made is available at a few taps of the keyboard, whenever you’d like. Unfortunately, some Chinese motor heads are not quite as lucky because state censors have been intermittently banning searches for Ferrari on the country’s micro-blogging sites, according to Time.

    The problem has nothing to do with Maranello’s supercars; it’s what they represent. The Prancing Horse has become the symbol for so-called “princelings,” wealthy young Chinese who use their parents’ privileges in the Communist elite to afford luxuries.

    The first bout of censorship came in 2011 when the son of then-high-ranking politician Bo Xilai was spotted cruising around Beijing in a red Ferrari, a vehicle much more expensive than he should have been able to afford. It started trending on Chinese social media, and censors began blocking searches for Ferrari in the car’s red color. The Italian brand was censored again briefly in 2012 when a Chinese investor crashed his Prancing Horse into two other cars in Singapore.

    It happened again in 2012 when the son of a top Communist party official was killed when he crashed his black Ferrari in Beijing. The crash was barely covered in state media but became such a hot topic on social networks for Ferrari to be banned again.

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  • Features

    The Most Spectacular Roads in the World | (Article)

    1.    Heaven Linking Avenue – Hunan Province, China

    This truly is a path to heaven, with 99 turns to symbolise Heaven’s nine palaces, leading you on a windy upwards road directly into the clouds. Despite its beautiful title (and ironically perhaps), it is in fact China’s most dangerous road. Is this your idea of heaven or hell?


     Heaven Linking Avenue China

    2. China’s Guoliang Tunnel – Taihang Mountains, Henan Province, China

    It seems China is the place to visit if you’re looking for extreme roads. This road was carved through a mountain and was dug out by 15 villagers, taking them five years to finish the 0.8 mile stretch. It’s not quite “heaven” like the first road but I can imagine it would be a thrilling experience and a very scenic one at that! Just don’t look down!!



    3. Stelvio Pass – Eastern Alps, Italy

    This road is situated on a beautiful mountain landscape and has 48 hairpin turns – maybe not the best idea to travel it if you experience motion sickness! It is however a very picturesque route, and another intimidating one too. Maybe they come hand in hand?



    4.    Yungas Road – Bolivia

    This doesn’t quite have the beauty appeal like some of the other roads on this list however it certainly has the “wow” factor – as in “wow people actually drive on that!?” With no barriers and literally nothing stopping you from plummeting a long (long) way down, it has been deemed the most dangerous road in the world and has even been given the name “Death Road”. One estimate is that 200 to 300 people are killed yearly along the road. It’s maybe not worth a visit but it’s definitely worthy of being on this list!


    Yungas Road Flickr

    5.    Route 163 – Utah, USA

    Ok, now you can relax, we have a nice peaceful road for you to look at! This is a 64 mile highway that cuts through Monument valley and has been featured in films such as Forrest Gump. It’s an open road… perfect for cruising along and taking in all of the sites.



    6.    The Atlantic Road – Norway

    This is a 5 mile stretch of road connecting the towns of Kristiansund and Molde. This road has been awarded the status of national tourist route due to its panoramic views and its architecture. On this road you could experience anything from birds to whales. Even without that, the views of the Atlantic Ocean are breathtaking! If you’re feeling extra daring then you should visit it during the autumn so that you can experience the road as powerful storms strike the road!


    Atlantic Road Norway Flickr

    7.    Big Sur – California, USA

    Big Sur“, meaning “the big south”, is a fantastic drive with a road that twists and turns for 90 miles along the Californian coast. It is part of Highway 1 and the views are truly stunning! If you’re looking to get that convertible out on the road then here’s the place to do it! How very California chic!


    Big Sur California

    8.    Thunersee Road, Switzerland

    This is another “on the edge” road, with spectacular views of Lake Thunersee. In this area you can also stop by and visit one of the many castles… scenery and culture, what more could you want?



    9.   Grossglockner High Alpine Road – Austria

    Another windy road for you! This one leads you to the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner and its glacier, the Pasterze. Enjoy the 36 bends as you witness nature at its best!



    10.  The Blue Ridge Parkway – USA

    We’re going to finish this list with a nice tranquil road. It’s a National Scenic Byway and All-American Road, which runs for a grand total of 469 miles. This connects Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a long stretch of road so if you find yourself getting bored (unlikely) then counting trees should keep you fairly busy…!



    Images Courtesy of: Mark, Wilson, Marino, Harris, Hill, Getty, Gray, Globetrott, Ferraz and OTR.

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  • Tech

    The Future Of Car Buying – Meet The Worlds First ‘Car’ Vending Machine (VIDEO)

    The worlds first car vending machine

    Meet the Kandi Machine – the first worlds vending machine for cars developed by China based company ‘Kandi Technologies.

    The company is looking to combat the serious environmental health hazard of air pollution which is huge problem in China. The creation of the giant vending machine for cars is to allow people to rent electric vehicles on an hourly basis. Much like Car2Go in the U.S but without the additional congestion of more cars on the road.

    We love China for their advancements in technology and if this eventually means cutting out the traditional car dealerships during the buying process we are intrigued to see it’s developments.

    Check out the video to see more…


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