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    Weekly Car Porn Black and White Style By Web2Carz (PHOTOS)

    Weekly Car Porn Black and White Style By Web2Carz (PHOTOS)

    For Web2Carz’  fourth week of Car Porn, they have ten black-and-white beauties. Because for every yin, there is a smokin’ hot yang out there too! So look at these cars for hours on end — you’re only helping yourself find an inner balance.

    Let’s start with a matte black Rolls-Royce Phantom.


    The definition of “all black, everything.” (Source)

    A street car named Porsche

    street porsche

    Bonus points if you can name the city it’s in. (Use the comments below!) (Source)

    This vintage Lamborgini looks very naughty.

    vintage lamborghini

    White doesn’t always mean purity (Source)

    An ebony El Camino

    El Camino

    The Way, indeed. (Source)

    McLaren MP4-12C in white? Yes please.


    Really, I’d take it in any color. (Source)

    These Ferarris are both black and white at the same time!

    two is better

    That means they are grey. And soooo pretty. (Source)

    An Aston Martin

    aston martin

    Shining bright like a diamond (Source)

    Our favorite pony cars off to a black-tie event

    muscle cars

    They are dressed to impress, no? (Source)

    White Mercedes, red interior



    Ebony AND ivory …


    live together in perfect harmony … (Source)

    via: Sarah Shaw – Web2Carz

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    Maserati 3500GT: Love At First Drive? (VIDEO)

    What car is special to you? Your first car? Your first family car? Your mid-life crisis purchase?

    For this guy, it’s his Maserati 3500GT; and it’s easy to see why. It’s a beautiful car, that has a charm many modern cars lack.

    mas4 mas1

    The scenery and weather in the video definitely compliment the Maserati well.

    It’s touching to see how much cars, and one car in particular, can mean to a person.

    mas2 mas3

    Listen to Frank’s touching story about how he fell in love with the Maserati brand below.

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    Harry Styles Incredible Sports Car Collection Will Make You Super Jealous | (PHOTOS)

    Harry Styles' incredible car collection

    Harry Styles' incredible car collection
    Pop star Harry Styles from One Direction seems to have a car obsession and at only 19 years old he already has an impressive collection!

    This week he was spotted driving another nice model – a vintage 1970’s classic white Ford Capri.
    Harry Styles car collection
    It’s not the first flash car he’s been caught driving. We’ve also seen him behind the wheel of more modern cars this year – the Audi R8 Coupe and a Range Rover. Check out the images of Style’s cars – which one is your favourite?
    Harry Styles’ Range Rover Sport
    Harry Styles Range Range Rover Sport
    Harry Styles Cruising in LA in a black Ferrari California
    harry styles ferrari california
    Harry Styles Smooth White Porsche 911
    arry Styles Porsche 911 Sport
    Classic Choice: Harry Styles in a vintage Jaguar E-Type
    harry styles jaguar e type
    harry styles jaguar e-type
    Audi R8 – living the dream! 
    harry styles audi r8


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