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    Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari 458 drag race (VIDEO)

    Tesla Model S P85D

    Extreme new 691hp Tesla Model S P85D takes on the Ferrari 458 supercar in a drag race.

    We know what the new all-paw Tesla Model S P85D can do to a Ferrari 575 when its accelerator pedal is mashed into the carpet, but how about the newer and more powerful mid-engine 458?

    The Ferrari 458 is powered by a 570hp 4.5-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine with rear-wheel drive while the Tesla features four electric motors to deliver a whopping 691hp. Which will win? Watch the video below.

    Yes, the Italian petrol-guzzler won but the Tesla didn’t do too poorly at all. The electric all-wheel drive super sedan leaped ahead of the Ferrari instantly and stayed several car lengths ahead until the two cars were well into triple digit speeds. So unless you’re on a race track or a road without speed limits, the Tesla is the faster car.

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    Watch a 14 year old boy drive a Ferrari 458 Italia (VIDEO)

    When you’re a teen you can only dream of driving a Ferrari. Not for this lucky chap who gets to take the Ferrari 458 for a spin

    Woah, that’s illegal some of you will be crying (17 year old to drive UK) but fortunately for this teen the land is private and its his Dad’s 560bhp Ferrari 458 Italia.

    Jealous!? Of course! Some adults wait their whole life to drive a Ferrari and never get the opportunity and this kid can noon it to his heart’s content on his Dad’s private estate.

    14 year old drives ferrari 458


    Watch him below drive the Italian beast with great control and maturity of an experienced adult driver:

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