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    Ken Block drifts new Ford Focus RS (VIDEO)

    Internet sensation and pro drifter, Ken Block, drives the new Ford Focus RS the only way he knows how in new viral video.

    There has been hype around the new Ford Focus RS pretty much since the old model disappeared in 2009. And yesterday it almost broke the Internet Kim Kardashian style when it was revealed in Cologne Germany. The new RS is an all-wheel drive turbocharged rocket ship with over 316hp a manual gearbox and clever torque vectoring system which Ford claims allows the Focus to perform controlled drifts. What better way to test that theory than to get the Drift King himself, Ken Block – who also happens to be sponsored by the Blue Oval –, to take the car for a spin (literally) around the German Ford factory.

    In the video below Ken Block drives a prototype version of the new Focus RS, which is essentially an old ST with all the new RS bits bolted on – it’s a bit of a snotter parts bin special but drives exactly like the car you’ll soon be able to buy from your local dealership. The video also gives us our first proper listen to the new car’s 2.3-litre Ecoboost four-cylinder turbo engine, which despite being somewhat less exotic than the old five-cylinder mill (it’s similar to the Mustang’s engine), still sounds decidedly sporting. There’s plenty of whoosh from the turbo and some nice farts from the exhaust system that give should give the RS a tuner car feel. Anyway, enough chatter. Watch the video.

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    New Ford Focus RS revealed

    Third-generation Ford Focus RS revealed with all-wheel drive and Ecoboost Mustang turbo engine.

    Ford has taken the wraps off its new all-wheel drive turbo Focus RS hyper hatch, which is set to rival cars like the Mercedes A45 AMG, VW Golf R and upcoming Honda Civic Type R.

    The new third-generation Focus RS marks a number of firsts for the fast Focus. It will be available globally for the first time and be mass produced, where its predecessors were built in limited numbers and sold mainly in Europe. It’s also the first RS to be a five door, but most importantly it’s the first time we’ve seen an all-wheel drive system fitted to a performance Focus. Previous generations were fitted with clever suspension setups and trick differentials to overcome the challenges presented by shoving a load of power through just the front wheels.


    The new all-paw system can send up to 70 per cent of the engine’s available torque to the rear wheels, and up to 100 per cent of that power can be distributed to either wheel. If that sounds confusing and a bit too mathematical, basically the rear axle has a proper torque vectoring diff and the Focus RS can perform controlled four-wheel drifts if you’re a bit handy behind the wheel.

    Power comes from a 2.3-litre Ecoboost four-cylinder turbo engine – the same one fitted to the new Mustang – but a number of upgrades help it produce more power in this application. There’s a new twin-scroll turbocharger, enlarged intercooler, and a less restrictive intake and exhaust system. The exact power figures are still being finalized, but Ford has confirmed it’s significantly more than 316hp and probably closer to the 345hp output of the old limited edition RS500. A six-speed manual is the only transmission option, while the 0-62mph time is tipped to be in the four-five second range.


    In terms of styling, the new Focus RS is much angrier looking than the lesser ST version – like it would bight your head off if you looked at it wrong. Especially from the front, there’s no way you’d mistake it for being anything less than a very fast car as there’s all kinds of gaping grilles, splitters and you can see the engine’s massive front-mount intercooler through the mesh covering the lower air dam. The wheel arches are only slightly wider to accommodate the wider tyres (235/35R19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports or Pilot Sport Cup 2s if anyone’s interested), so it doesn’t quite have the wide-body appearance of its predecessors but it looks suitably aggressive for a fast Ford. At the rear the RS wears a massive rear wing that is apparently functional, helping to equalize the down force generated by the new front splitter. There’s also a tasty lower rear diffuser housing dual exhaust tips (no more centre-mounted hexagonal thing from the ST). And for an extra special touch there’s a F1-style fog light in the middle.

    The new Ford Focus RS goes on sale later this year, and exact performance and engine details will be revealed at the Geneva motor show next month.

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    New Ford Focus RS hot hatch teased (VIDEO)

    Ford Focus RS

    If this quick teaser video is anything to go by, the new Ford Focus RS could be the new hot hatch drift king.

    Ford will soon launch the new generation Focus RS hyper hatch, which will sit above the existing Focus ST and compete with cars like the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, Audi RS3 and Volkswagen Golf R. You’ll have noticed that all the cars listed are all-wheel drive and traditionally the Focus RS has been a strictly front-drive only affair. However, it’s believed this new version will break the mold and send its power to both ends and for the first time be offered only in five-door form.

    The new Focus RS is expected to use the new 2.3-litre Ecoboost turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the Mustang Ecoboost with an output approaching 350hp – the four-cylinder Mustang makes 310hp. As with the Focus ST, the new RS will likely only be available in six-speed manual guise and should feature bespoke suspension componentry and tuning compared to the lesser ST variants. The teaser video below shows the new Focus RS being thrown around race track and there’s plenty of tail-out oversteer which suggests the new RS will retain the entertaining chassis balance of the Focus and Fiesta ST models, but should pack a chunk more grip thanks to bigger and stickier tyres and, potentially, an all-wheel drive system. The new Ford Focus RS will be revealed on February 3.

    Check out the teaser video below.

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