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    5 Expert Tips for Getting the Best Car Loan

    Your old car took its last breath and conked off. You’re visiting all the car dealerships and you’re looking for the best deal. Not a lot of people can just walk into a car dealership and afford to purchase a car straight away. Many of us need to get our financing and car loan organized to see within what range we can afford to purchase a car.

    If you don’t have your financing all sorted out, you may have to apply for financing from the dealership itself.

    You know what this means. The salesperson and the manager of the car dealership will try to get you to buy more services and additional features from them. You’ll hear convincing arguments and sales pitches about how that feature will be perfect for you – and how your life will be easier just by adding that one small feature to your car. Of course, only for a few dollars extra per month. The small amounts all add up when you end up paying for your car – and this post is going to tell you how to negotiate car loans so you come off on a better position while purchasing a new or used car form the dealership.

    • Never agree to the first price they ask

    Everything is negotiable. Car salespersons use very clever tactics of not revealing the actual car payments. They may word their questions like this. “How much are you looking to spend for your car?” or “What are you looking for your monthly payments to be?” These are tricky questions that leave you paying for more than you bargained for. They do this to see if they can base a price based on the amount you’re willing to pay monthly instead of the actual price. Negotiate the price.


    • Obtain short term loans

    A car is an asset that depreciates rapidly in value over the years. With new cars being released each year, you don’t want to end up paying for your car for more than five years because that’s just dropping money into a big, black hole. Car Dealerships will offer you lower monthly payments just by increasing the number of years on your car loan. You’ll also end up paying a lot more than what you could’ve purchased the car if you took a short term loan.


    • Don’t go for the extras

    Car dealerships will try to convince you to buy the extra add-ons and aftermarket items which are not essential and will raise your monthly payments considerably. These include rust proofing, gap insurance, extended warranties, car alarms and many more. They are useful but remember you’ll be paying more at a dealership. Shop around and look for better deals elsewhere.


    • Don’t agree to high interest loans

    No matter what your credit rating is, don’t agree to a deal which carries high interest rates.


    • Use your head, not your heart while purchasing a car

    It’s easy to get carried away with how beautiful it looks and what great features it has. Once you take it for a spin, you’ll probably fall in love with the car a lot more but you should be prepared to drop the deal if the car dealership is not willing to negotiate on the price. They are not doing you a favour; you are spending your hard earned money for the car. Don’t act rashly and regret your decision later.

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    The Unexpected Costs Of Owning Your Dream Ride

    When considering a new car and trying to figure out the overall amount that you’ll have to spend to own that vehicle, start with the purchase agreement and the registration, but don’t stop there. For the total cost of ownership cars have to be considered along with the standard costs that are going to arise with normal use.

    Budgeting for these repairs is something all owners must do, even if they cannot budget for unexpected breakdowns or accidents.

    1. Brake pads 
    This is first on the list because brake pads must be changed in order for a car to be safe to operate. Brake pads touch and press against the wheel, slowing the car. This repeated use makes the pads wear out, and they can become less effective. New pads are often needed around every 20,000 miles, though all vehicles and driving conditions are different.Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.19.46
    2. Air filters
    The air filter in your car keeps the airflow clean so that the engine burns clean. On top of that, a clogged air filter can actually slow down the airflow, inhibiting the mass airflow sensor; if you have a check engine light that flashes on, this could be the cause. A car with a dirty filter may burn through fuel quicker than necessary.

    Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.21.12
    3. Oil filters
    This is one cost that most people are familiar with, as the oil needs to be changed around every 3,000 miles, and the old filter has to be changed along with it. However, many new cars can actually go for 5,000 or 6,000 miles between oil changes, so all drivers need to check their manuals to make sure that they’re taking proper care of their vehicles.
    Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.22.26
    4. New tires 
    Often, changing the tires can be one of the most expensive procedures for a car. However, when the tire wear starts to appear extensive, it’s very important to switch out the tires. Worn tires can burst, or they may simply not provide enough traction in adverse weather conditions. Either one can lead to an accident, so make sure to have the tires rotated on a regular basis, and get new tires when you need them.
    Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.23.43


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    Cash Guide: How to Maximise Your Vehicle’s Value Before Selling

    We all love our cars – after all the Telegraph tells us that we spend more time driving then we do socialising. So when it comes to trading in our cars it’s important that we get the best value possible so that we can invest in another vehicle so good that we’ll shun a social life even further! But how do you go about that?

    Make it Appealing

    If you were selling your home you wouldn’t let a viewer see it without running a vacuum around, making sure there isn’t any dirty laundry lurking around and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. So why would anyone want to buy your car if it smells of old cigarette smoke and is covered in dents and scratches? It may cost a little bit of time and effort, but it will give your car a higher value, making that potential sell much more likely.

    Get it professionally cleaned (inside and out!) if necessary and either look to repair small dents and scratches yourself, or take it to a local garage if you’re not confident or don’t have time.

    The Season to Sell

    Take into consideration the type of car you have and when may be the best time to sell it. A convertible is more likely to sell during the summer than the winter, taking this into consideration and holding off on the sell could put extra pennies in your pocket. For more information on how to sell your car, we found this website really helpful.

    Small Checks & Important Maintenance

    Make sure that your car has gone through those basic monthly checks you do – change the oil, top up coolant levels, check the tyres and even simple stuff like topping your windscreen washer fluid.

    Since new tax regulations came in at the end of 2014, it’s not possible to transfer your tax across owners as you once could – so the possibility of adding that appeal is gone. However, making sure the MOT is up to date is essential, and consider having it serviced – even if the MOT isn’t due for another six months or so.

    If it’s Too Far Gone

    If your car just has too many dents or has been too badly damaged after an accident and there is no point in trying to sell it on then there is always the option of scrapping and starting again. Sell Your Car 2day will offer fair prices as well as a competitive valuation. They don’t share your details with third parties and the contact form is simple to complete.

    By putting in a small amount of effort you can increase the value of your vehicle when it comes to selling. There are always options whatever stage of life your car is at, and there’s always plenty you can do to maximise on its value and increase its appeal. Even if it does require some initial investment, the likelihood of getting the best price for your vehicle is increased in the long run.


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    Top 10 Cool Car Hacks


    Car hacks are low-budget tips and tricks to make your life just a little bit simpler and a whole lot easier! Car scratches, dents or simple tech tricks – we have the car hacks to help you.

    So there are always these annoying obstacles life throws at you that make everything so difficult. C’est la vie! We hope you can shortcut these annoyances and kick them into touch with these clever car hacks.

    Behold, the greatest car hacks in modern day life:

    12. Pull Dents Out of Your Car with a Hot Glue Gun
    11. Takeaway pizza going cold?
                                                     seat warmer to keep takeaway pizza hot
    10. Remove Dents With A Plunger
    9. Windscreen too damn frosty in winter!
    Park facing Facing East and the Sun Will Defrost Your Windshield as it rises

    8. Headlights Filthy! Use toothpaste for a sparkly shine
    7. Program a Single Key Fob to Unlock Multiple Cars. Genius!
    6. Slippy Gadgets! Use a sticky pad on your dashboard to keep your gadgets in one place.
                                             sticky pad to hold gadgets in car
    5. Bang your doors in the garage wall? Use half a pool noodle stupid.
                                                      pool noodle to stop car doors denting
    4. Pesky keyring ripping your poor fingernails off ?
                                                   ,   staple remover keyring
    3. Hack a cassette adapter to be a Bluetooth adaptor for your phone.
    2. No paint for small chips and scratches? Use the closest matching nail polish. Shazam!
                                               nail polish car scratches
    1. Hang a lightweight ball at the back of your garage roof as a parking guide. Simples!
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