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    These Babies Go Wild In The Car When The Heavy Beat Drops (VIDEO)

    Baby wakes up dancing in car

    UPDATE: The EDM babies dance was taken down due to copyright. We’ve put up the original video which is just as funny –  just not heavy dance.

    These babies just love the loud, heavy drop of the EDM dance music, especially to liven up a long car journey.

    “Doesn’t matter how tired you are, when there’s a drop, we ALL go wild!”

    I’m sure you’ll agree, watching these kids raving in the car is just too funny.


    kids love dance music

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    This Is Why You Don’t Record Your Kids While Driving (VIDEO)

    Don’t Record Your Kids While Driving

    We see these videos time and time again on youtube where children are doing ‘cute things ‘ in the back while the being recorded on the front seat from the parents smart phone.

    The main problem here is that the videos are often recorded by the driver who’s attention are on the kids rather on the road ahead. This is highly irresponsible and could lead to danger to the people in the car and others on the road.

    Sadly, the inevitable finally happened in the video below, but thankfully, according to elite daily nobody was hurt.

    People should wise up, no YouTube fame is worth risking the lives of your children and others around.

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