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    Need For Speed: LAPD Adds Lamborghini Gallardo To Its Fleet


    Apparently it’s not just the Dubai Police force that has the best toys (although their fleet is insanely impressive). Los Angeles just stepped up its fleet game with the addition of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

    This vehicle and its usage are a donation from Travis and Nathalie Marg, the owners of Light Source 1, which is a fiber optics company. The Gallardo will see use as a charity vehicle alongside the LAPD Air Support Team. Not a bad choice of wheels, since it’s one of a few vehicles that can keep up with the choppers circling in the sky.

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    Looking rather evil with its police livery, the Gallardo serves as a rather excellent piece of charity show eye candy. No, it won’t be prowling the streets looking to put a quick end to high speed pursuits.


    Instead, the vehicle will be used to put smiles on a few faces, and not much more. It’s a donation, so folks getting angry over a perceived big ticket item on the local budget should guess again. We imagine the LAPD is only spilling out a few bucks for gas with regards to this ride. It’s not Dubai, after all.


    Still, we welcome the chance to try and run from it if the LAPD is up to the challenge. We’ll meet you at the defunct El Toro Marine base and run head to head. We play the baddies to your good guy crew. Check out more of the Lamborghini on the LAPD Lambo Instagram page.

    via Motor Authority

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    Sexy Bikini Model Plays The $100 Bill Game In A Lambo (VIDEO)

    We’ve all heard BS stories of “my Dad’s car was so fast, he put a $100 bill and let me try to get it, it was so fast I couldn’t reach it” blah blah blah…

    The guys at 1320video decided to put this ‘old tale’ to the test with a sexy bikini model in one of the fastest Lamborghini’s in the world, a 1,600hp twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Does she get the $100 bill? Well, you just have to see for yourself…

    $100 bill game $100 bill game$100 bill game$100 bill game

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    Introducing The Lamborghini Gallardo ‘Renazzo’ By Vorsteiner (PHOTOS)

    Vorsteiner Lamborghini LP-550/60 Renazzo

    Vorsteiner have revealed their new Gallardo Renazzo which is based as the name says, on the Lamborghini Gallardo.


    The complete front fascia solution is a direct replacement for the OEM piece, and features 2×2 carbon composite pre-preg construction with unique floating dual aero fins and a honey comb mesh grill set. Also available are an optional 2×2 carbon fiber center splitter add-on piece and optional optical 2×2 carbon fiber dual fins for additional stability.


    The Vorsteiner Renazzo design is derived in part from the Gallardo Super Trofeo race car that competes in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo cup, and will bring those styling cues to the Gallardo sports car for the street. additional aerodynamic solutions in the Renazzo line will be released shortly, ensuring a complete visual cohesion. Also featured are the Vorsteiner Special Edition Forged VSE-001 one-piece wheel, available in a wide variety of finishes and fitments.


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