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    Ethiopian Drivers Don’t Need Traffic Lights, Apparently (VIDEO)

    You’d have to be nuts to attempt to cross Meskel Square in Ethiopia. Or perhaps even attempt to drive on it.

    Despite the fact this video is sped up, it still proves that chaos truly does reign.

    It begs the question; how does anyone know what they are doing? Is it purely just taking a gamble as to where you come out the other side?

    One thing is for certain, I’m glad we have traffic lights. Check the video below.


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  • Tech

    BMW i8 Features Spectacular Laser Headlights (PHOTOS)

    Thought LED headlights were bright? Then this new laser tech is the next step.

    The new i8 hybrid from BMW is one of the first to feature the new technology, allowing for unprecedented brightness in the road ahead.

    The concept of having “daylight-like” illumination at night certainly sounds promising; but it also looks cool. BMW have stated “several high-performance diodes emit a strongly bundled beam via special lenses on to a fluorescent phosphorus substance inside the headlamp. This substance transforms the beam into an exceptionally bright white light that is ten times more intensive than conventional light sources.” Pretty sweet, huh.

    BMW haven’t announced how much this laser add-on will cost, but the car itself comes in at a nice $135,000. So, not exactly cheap. This technology will eventually spread to cheaper models and cars, but how many years down the line that will be is speculation at this point.





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