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    Men Who Love Their Cars More Than Their Wife

    I couldn’t really think of a more appropriate opening than a line from Queen’s timeless classic “I’m in Love with My Car.” In just a short and simple song, Roger Taylor has epitomised the depth of feelings many men have for their cars.

    If made to choose between their wife and their car, 3% of British men would choose the car. A recent study carried out in the UK by the AA revealed that many men are in fact in love with their cars. Further 15% would rather consider giving up booze than their car and 7% of men would abstain from their favourite food forever if it were required of them in order to be able to keep their car. The overall majority – 79% admitted they couldn’t imagine their lives without driving. So the evidence is pretty strong!

    Another study commissioned by Mens Health Network surveyed American motorists and found out that 70% of male drivers prioritise caring for their cars over caring for their own health. No wonder the same study showed 56% of women seriously worrying about their partners’ health. It seems like University of East London has unravelled the mystery. They have concluded that men love cars because they believe they’re part of them. An article by Creditplus suggests that the cause of this affection is rooted in evolution.

    Let’s look at some of the most intricate ways men express their devotion to their four-wheeled friends. But before we do, here’s an interesting factoid: most men will have more cars than women in their lives. And by the time they’re old, they’ll name you every car they’ve had since the age of 17 while they won’t be able to recall the names of at least half of the ladies they’ve known. Go figure!

    Back to the Caves

    Men came out of caves 40,000 years ago (some decided to stay, though), that’s what the scientists tell us. What they tend to elide is that some men are voluntarily returning to their caves. For fairness sake, the caves of today are more elaborate. I call them man caves. It’s the place where the man, under loud protests from his better half, stores his football memorabilia, snooker tables, dart boards, SEGA turbo and other manly whatsits.

    Some motorheads have designed man caves with their main passion in mind.

    In this example, the man works, eats and sleeps in what appears to be an oversized posh garage. Even a quick glance will tell you that this bloke has got everything he could possibly want, except for one thing. I may be mistaken but something tells me that this chap is single. Call it a hunch or maybe it’s something to do with the fold-out guest sofa.


    The second man cave has got a more modern and urban look. Is this man living in a Ferrari showroom? Joking aside, I have to applaud him for a well-balanced colour scheme. His obsession with cars is further accentuated by the swivel car seats and the fact that he’s watching Wheeler Dealers on a 60-inch flat screen telly.


    The final bit of inspiration comes from the Cadillac man himself – Tad Pierson – the second most famous Memphian after Elvis Presley. He is a tour guide driving a pink 1955 Cadillac and he has shown the sights of Memphis to many a happy tourist. When he’s not touring the city, he retires to his man cave which screams 1950s and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Tad’s home is set up in a large garage and he sleeps inside a vintage Airstream trailer to ward off the smell of petrol (sorry, I mean gas).


    Taking it to Extremes

    Ok, it’s one thing sleeping next to a car. That’s normal (huh?) An entirely different thing is sleeping with a car. Did you hear about the man who is planning to marry his Volkswagen Beetle? I do hope the car is registered before 1998 or he might get into serious trouble. I’ll leave it with Jalopnik to explain this in more detail while we’re quickly moving on to things that are more tasteful and appropriate for a car-loving gentleman.

    Car Furniture

    Those who are trying to keep a low profile with their motoring antics, can make a subtle statement with car-themed furniture. The Ferrari beds that most household catalogues sell are likely to be too short for the majority of car enthusiasts, that’s why most of the car furniture comes under the custom category. These examples make the green Top Gear Rolls-Royce sofa look like a bit of an understatement.



    Cars should be kept clean

    Judging by the established cliché – men like watching women wash cars. However, there’s a strong evidence supporting the assumption that very few men would entrust their wives or girlfriends with the important task of car grooming.


    Consider these figures: last year the U.S. car body care industry was worth approximately $8 billion. Mens toiletries and cosmetics? Currently lingering somewhere between $2 and $2.5 billion per year and is expected to reach $3.2 billion by 2016. For every dollar men spend on moisturiser and lip balm, they spend almost $4 on car shampoo and the latest wax formula that guarantees to remove minor scratches and bring back that showroom shine!

    Having a pack of car wipes is essential too, otherwise if you don’t have one at hand, you might end up with the same dilemma as the man from the Volkswagen’s viral video that they made a couple of years ago. Not very viral, though. Do I hear another cringe alert coming along?

    How is it with you? Do you think you might be among those 3% who’d dump their girlfriend if the car asked you to?




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    Survey: Women Prefer Men In Black Ford Pickups, Men Prefer Women In Red BMW Sports Cars


    There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new car: What kind of fuel economy does it earn? What safety features does it offer? Will I need to call tech support just to set up the radio?

    One thing we’ve never heard folks ask, though, is whether their new ride will be attractive to potential mates. And yet, that’s exactly the question posed in a new survey from Insure.com.

    Over the course of December 2013, the website polled 2,000 drivers age 18 and older. Respondents were asked to describe the kinds vehicles they found most attractive for potential mates to drive. (FYI, the survey focused on opposite sexes, so gay and lesbian readers, you’re out of luck this round.)

    MUST READ: Like To Leave Your Car running On Cold Mornings? You Could Be In For A Nasty Surprise


    Among women, 32 percent said that they found men who drove pickup trucks to be most attractive. Men driving sports cars came in a reasonably close second at 27 percent. SUVs (16 percent), sedans (11 percent), and hybrid/electric vehicles (four percent) rounded out the top five. Unshockingly, women found mail trucks to be the least attractive vehicle for men to drive. (NB: How mail trucks even wound up on the survey, we’ll never know.)

    In terms of brands, women were more divided, though Ford garnered the most up-votes at 16 percent, followed by Chevrolet and Porsche. And when it came to the color of a prospective mate’s ride, women far and away chose black (53 percent) as the sexiest color. Silver took home the silver medal, with 16 percent of the vote.


    Men were somewhat more opinionated in their vehicle preferences for women. A very lopsided 39 percent found women in sports cars most attractive, while the #2 vote-getter — sedans — earned just 22 percent. SUVs came in third at 20 percent, and at the bottom of the list were minivans, with just four percent of the vote. Curiously, it doesn’t seem that mail trucks were included on the men’s survey.

    Men were also more upscale in their choice of brands than women were. BMW landed in the top spot, earning 16 percent of the vote, followed by Mercedes-Benz (14 percent) and Porsche (ten percent). And on the color front, men showed a distinct preference for red, with 40 percent pegging that as their favorite car color for women. Black (23 percent) and silver (14 percent) followed.

    DON’T MISS: Audi,Volkswagen Debut Official Super Bowl Ads, With Mixed Results


    To lend a little weight to the survey’s fluffy, questionable premise, Insure.com asked a few experts to respond to the findings. Joe Wiesenfelder from Cars.com said that he understands why the black pickup is so attractive to women: “A woman walks up to a black pickup truck and says to herself, ‘Here’s a guy who can help me move, bring me large gifts from Crate & Barrel and do repairs around my condo.'” Honestly, there’s too much going on in that sentence for us to unpack.

    And men aren’t the only one sticking with well-trodden tropes. Edmunds.com’s Jessica Caldwell has a warning for guys who don’t live by tried-and-true masculine stereotypes: “I would think twice about dating a guy driving a VW Beetle, or anything labeled a chick car…. Telling your friends, ‘Yeah, my new boyfriend drives a VW Beetle,’ that would be very humiliating.”

    If this kind of information matters to you, you now have some very handy tools to help you choose your next car. If not, well, you’ve learned something about your fellow man — and woman.

    via: The Car Connection

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