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    New Range Rover Sport SVR Drifted (VIDEO)

    New Range Rover Sport SVR

    New high performance Range Rover SUV gets sideways in latest promo video.

    Land Rover is about to launch its most powerful and dynamic model ever in the form of the new Range Rover Sport SVR – a supercharged apartment building on wheels that is claimed to handle like a sports car.

    Built as a rival to the ballistic performance SUVs from BMW M, AMG and Porsche, the new Range Rover packs 550hp and can hit 62mph in 4.7 seconds. And because the V8 is taken straight from the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, it sounds exceptionally naughty with all kinds of exhaust crackles and pops which we must remember are falling out of the back of a seven-seat family SUV – the whole idea is hilarious.

    The idea of a seven-seater also being able to drift around a racetrack is a similarly entertaining one. The big boxy Range Rover looks quite absurd sliding around a corner with an arm full of opposite lock dialed up, but you do have to admire the team that have worked on the new SVR for having a sense of humor and engineering that kind of adjustability into a luxury SUV. I mean, realistically who’s going to drift their SUV during the school run or during a trip to the shops for milk and biscuits? And who’s actually going to take their Range Rover to a racetrack? Surely if you can afford to buy the range-topping SVR, you can afford a Porsche or something else a bit handy at track-work… Anyway, enjoy the Range Rover Sport SVR doing some skids.

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    Where not to park…$150,000 Range Rover left wedged in basement after embarrassing crash

    £80,000 range rover wedged in a basement
    Where not to park… this $150,000 sporty Range Rover was left wedged in a basement after a 14-foot fall on Sunday in Fitzrovia, central London.

    It was practically new, having only travelled less than 500 miles, but it was the end for the white 4×4 after it crashed and fell 14-feet, getting stuck horizontally between a wall and a basement. The worst possible position!

    Apparently, the sporty car went through the railings on Fitzroy Street, near Oxford Street, and then landed in the tricky position. It was stuck in such an impossible situation that the fire brigade had to be called to try and remove the vehicle.

    Luckily, witnesses claimed that the driver and three passengers left the scene without injuries, but the same cannot be said for the car which was left with a crushed roof!

    “I couldn’t believe it when I saw this posh car stuck at the bottom. That would either take a lot of skill or bad luck to land a huge car down there.

    I spoke to one of the neighbours who said the car had four girls in it and they were all right, which in itself is a miracle. I’ve never seen anything like that before..”

    Check out the unbelievable images below.

    Bang: Remarkably none of the four women in the car which plunged 14 feet were injured
    Wallop: The female driver lost control of the expensive car and ended up in a basement in central London
    Erm… where not to park. Owners were left red faced after this crash.
    Near miss: The white vehicle had just 500 miles on the clock when it ended up underground
    The scene at the junction of Fitzroy Street and Fitzroy Square where a Range Rover crashed into a house basementThe scene at the junction of Fitzroy Street and Fitzroy Square where a Range Rover crashed into a house basement
    Rescue: The brand new Range Rover which crashed in Fitzrovia, central London is lifted out by crane
    Almost there: Having crashed into a basement at 5am on Sunday the brand new £80,000 Range Rover is rescued

    Overground: The Fire Brigade finally get the brand new Range Rover which crashed in Fitzrovia, central London, back onto the pavement. The female driver and her three women passengers escaped unharmed
    Photos via dailymail.co.uk



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  • Super Cars

    Brabus: The Weird World of the European Luxury Aftermarket

    Enter a world where too much power still isn't enough

    Brabus is weird, but in a good way. It’s the single largest Mercedes tuner in the world, achieving that title after Daimler assimilated Mercedes-AMG into its affiliate network way back in the ‘90s. Since then, Brabus has expanded its reach outside the Mercedes empire; its latest creation is a Range Rover Sport that will definitely turn your head, if not snap it completely off.

    Power is the single most important part of a Brabus car.

    It’s technically a Brabus, as that is the company that built the kit, but it’s being marketed under the Startech name so as not to cause confusion about what Brabus is built to do. That doesn’t mean the company doesn’t enjoy side projects, although given the amount of add-ons for the Range Rover Sport, you can’t really call it a “side project.”

    The biggest change to the Sport’s body is the inclusion of carbon fiber body panels. Once the fender flares are added to the new bodywork, the Sport gains over two inches of width, making it slightly narrower than the average studio in Manhattan. Body panels alone won’t change the look, though, so Brabus has gone and added 23-inch wheels with low-profile tires, a lowered suspension, and a big ol’ roof spoiler atop the liftgate. It looks like, well, it looks like a heavily modified, expensive European luxury car. Mission accomplished, then.

    Startech Range Rover Sport
    Startech Range Rover Sport
    Startech Range Rover Sport
    Startech Range Rover Sport

    Oh, but wait. We almost forgot about the engine, otherwise known as Brabus’s most favorite thing ever. On the Sport, a mild ECU upgrade brings an extra 31 horsepower and 59 lb-ft to the twin-turbo diesel V-6 underhood. If you look at the history of Brabus as a company, you’ll see what we mean by “most favorite thing ever.”

    Power and torque are very, very important to Brabus. The company’s goal is, and always has been, maximizing engine performance through upgrades out the wazoo. Whether it’s the same engine that came with the car, or one that Brabus decided to shove in there instead, power is the most important part of a Brabus car. Of course, the company also deals with exterior and interior aesthetic upgrades to further differentiate the vehicle; after all, if you’re paying unspeakable amounts of money to upgrade your already expensive car, you want it to stand out from the rest.

    If you’re not a fan of the piecemeal method, you can buy an entire car from Brabus instead. Brabus will order the car from Mercedes, overhaul it, and then send it right to your door. A number of its vehicles have broken street-legal speed records, mostly due to the insane amounts of power and torque surging to the wheels. Let’s take a look at a few of the more ridiculous ones.

    The Brabus E V12 starts with a normal E-Class sedan, which is a fine car in and of itself. Then Brabus adds the twin-turbo V-12 motor from the Mercedes S65 AMG. Then Brabus completely changes the engine, giving it more power and torque than is necessary to operate an entire city block’s worth of cars. In its most current form, that leaves the owner with 780 horsepower and 1,100 lb-ft of torque. Only the truly insane will reach the E V12’s top speed of 230 miles per hour. You can also get it in coupe and convertible variants, because why not?

    Brabus E V12
    Brabus E V12
    Brabus E V12

    If you think that was an exciting car, wait until you see its successor. The Brabus Rocket 800 starts with a standard 2011+ Mercedes CLS-Class and shoves yet another V-12 under the bonnet. In addition to the engine modifications, power is increased thanks to new turbo manifolds, new turbos, four intercoolers, and a free-flowing exhaust system. It produces about 800 horsepower (go figure, what with the name and all) and 1,100 lb-ft of torque, which must be artificially lowered to keep the transmission from exploding all over the ground.

    Oh, and it meets the current EURO V emissions standards. Talk about leaving no stone unturned.

    Brabus Rocket 800
    Brabus Rocket 800
    Brabus Rocket 800
    Brabus Rocket 800

    We clearly saved the best for last. If you thought the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 was the craziest thing you’ve seen this year, wait until you check out the Brabus 700 6×6. It takes the G63’s standard 5.5-liter V-8 engine and cranks the whole thing up to 15 (or at least, well past 11), with two new turbochargers contributing to the 700-horsepower output. The 6×6 itself is insane, but with Brabus power levels and an interior that would make George Soros feel poor, it’s so far north of insane that it’s almost back to the baseline of normal. Almost.

    Brabus 700 6x6
    Brabus 700 6x6
    Brabus 700 6x6

    (Photos courtesy of Brabus’s Facebook page)

    Written by Andrew Krok at Web2Carz

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  • Super Cars/ Top 10s

    The 10 Weirdest Cars Of 2013 (PHOTOS)

    The 10 Weirdest Cars Of 2013 (PHOTOS)

    These are the car equivalents of Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha – the weirdos. These are the ten weirdest cars of 2013.

    Yesterday we listed the top twenty hottest cars of 2013, today we’re doing something very different. For every mouth-watering, awesome performance or luxury car that was released during this year, there were several companies either wrecking them with aftermarket modifications, or claiming that they had built some one-billion horsepower supercar with a top speed in excess of 500mph which would make the Bugatti Veyron look like a Toyota Camry – we all have a bit of a laugh when cars like these come along.

    So, here are ten of the weirdest cars of 2013.

    Devel Sixteen

    This is, supposedly, a 348mph Veyron-smashing supercar. Looking like a cross between Lamborghini’s two special fiftieth anniversary cars, the Veneno and Egoista, the Dubai-built Devel Sixteen uses a twin turbo V16 engine which develops a very creative 5000hp. Probably. We’re calling this one bullshit.

    Laraki Epitome Concept

    This car actually exists, and can be driven about, unlike the sketchy Devel Sixteen. But then, it hasn’t got a 5000hp V16 engine either. No, it makes do with a 7.0liter V8 from the C6 Corvette Z06, it also has four turbochargers and 1,750hp, apparently. All of this power is served up through a six-speed paddle shift automatic gearbox which is also likely borrowed from the Corvette parts bin. We’re not sure how that ‘box is going to hold up with all that power… Or how credible any of Laraki’s claims are for that manner.

    Keating Bolt

    Another car claiming to offer Veyron-embarrassing performance, the Keating Bolt is built by British car manufacturer Keating Supercars…In someone’s shed. So you know it’s going to be a quality product. Keating say that its car would reach a top speed of 340mph, yet the front of the car sits higher than the rear, the body itself doesn’t look particularly aerodynamic, but at least it’s got a 2500hp engine with some cylinders and a supercharger. If you tried to drive this one at any more than twelve miles an hour the wheels would probably fall off… Best not try and reach 340mph then.

    Hamann Range Rover

    If you took a nice, classy, tasteful Range Rover, and removed all of the niceness, classiness, and tastefulness, then added vulgarity, you’d probably arrive at something like the Hamann Range Rover. It is disgusting. Why would anybody want this?

    Rinspeed MicroMAX Concpet

    Is this the future of inner-city mobility? Styled like a telephone booth on wheels the MicroMAX can carry three people around town and keep them refreshed during their journey. Because, inside there’s tea and coffee making facilities plus a fridge for “happy hour drinks” – seriously.

    RUF 3800 S

    RUF is probably the world’s best Porsche tuner, they’re also a little bit mad. Y’see at this year’s Geneva Motor Show RUF showed a Porsche Boxster 911 thing. It’s a Boxster made to look like a 911…. It also has the 911’s 3.8liter engine, hence the name.

    Audi Nanuk Concept

    There are lots of different sorts of SUVs on sale these days. You can have a coupe SUV, a convertible, a sporty one, a luxurious one, a big one, or a tiny one, whatever. But no one has ever built a supercar SUV – a low-slung, sleek, mid-engine supercar that’s also an SUV. Well, Audi might want to change that… How odd.

    Lexus LF-NX Concept

    LOOK at it! It just looks so weird. But not in a nice way, more in the way that makes a little bit of sick come into your mouth whenever you see it.

    Subaru WRX Concept

    Individually the Subaru WRX Concept is not weird at all, but when viewed in the context of the new WRX production car you have to wonder what Subaru were thinking! They got our hopes up with the concept only to disappoint everyone massively with the bland, Prius-like production car. Not cool.

    Youabian Puma

    Image: carscoops.com

    Um, what do you make of a car that looks like it’s been crashed several times, then cheaply modified with monstrous wheels and tyres, before being put on sale for $1.1million? Oh, and it has the headlights from an old Volvo and the taillights from Buick Enclave. Tasty.

    Which car do you think is the weirdest? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

    Follow us on Twitter @CarhootsApp and ‘like’ us on Facebook!

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