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    Watch a 14 year old boy drive a Ferrari 458 Italia (VIDEO)

    When you’re a teen you can only dream of driving a Ferrari. Not for this lucky chap who gets to take the Ferrari 458 for a spin

    Woah, that’s illegal some of you will be crying (17 year old to drive UK) but fortunately for this teen the land is private and its his Dad’s 560bhp Ferrari 458 Italia.

    Jealous!? Of course! Some adults wait their whole life to drive a Ferrari and never get the opportunity and this kid can noon it to his heart’s content on his Dad’s private estate.

    14 year old drives ferrari 458


    Watch him below drive the Italian beast with great control and maturity of an experienced adult driver:

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    These ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ Supercars Are Insane! (PHOTOS)

    Rich Kids Of Instagram - Supercar Edition (PHOTOS)

    Rich Kids Of Instagram - Supercar Edition (PHOTOS)
    The Rich Kids Of Instagram – Supercar Edition. Luxury cars of the notorious rich kids that everyone loves to hate.

    Rich Kids of Instagram? WTF? They’re basically obnoxious photos of spoilt little rich kids flashing their Mum and Dad’s cash on instagram. Their moto:

    “They have more money than you and this is what they do.”

    Each person plays a game of one upmanship to show that they lead the most lavish lifestyle or that they are loaded enough to join the exclusive club.

    In this World status is everything – so what you’re driving matters – therefore exotic supercars and hypercars are the norm. If it is not turning heads on the street then throw away those keys, it time to whip out the Bugatti Veyron. Oh, not just any standard Bugatti; it has to be customised and blinged up to the max.

    Although, we don’t condone this culture selfish ‘look at me’ culture, we have to admit they have some pretty cool supercar whips. Even if they have just nicked the keys to Daddy’s Lamborghini or Mummy’s Ferrari.

    Now lets look at the Rich Kids Of Instagram (it pains us to keep saying that) luxury supercars.

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Porsche
    Rich kid Posing on a red Porsche

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Rolls Royce
    Rolls Royce Salute

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Audi R8
    Aston Martin & Audi R8 – Supreme Arrogance

    rich kids of Instagram
    Mercedes SLS AMG – in a ‘Onesie’

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Mclaren
    Posing in ‘London Baby’ with his McLaren MP4-12C

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Range Rover
    Range Rover – No captions need

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Ferrari
    “Can we take out the yacht Daddy” – Ferrari 458 Italia

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Bentley GT
    Money can’t buy you decent clothes – posing with the Bentley Continental GT

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Bentley Continental

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Porsche Carrera
    We have to admit -this is pretty cool (Porsche Carrera 911)

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Ferrari

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Ferrari

    Rich Kids Of Instagram Bentley Prick
    And to finish – a arrogant douchebag in a Bentley


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