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    Check Out The Incredible Cars Of RoboCop!

    With the latest movie release of the classic RoboCop franchise, it is only fair that we show you the ass kicking cars and motorcycles of RoboCop...

    Robocop 4
    Whether the original Ford Taurus, in all of its car-of-tomorrow glory, or the Pontiac-needling 6000 SUX stuck in your mind, RoboCop enjoys a place on the car guy’s movie list. But the RoboCop reboot, in theaters now, is less a car movie than the original and there is, we’re sorry to report, no 6000 SUX.

    Why? Well, RoboCop Production Designer and vehicle designer, Martin Whist, told Motor Trend. “The current RoboCop isn’t has far in the future as the original film was. So the cars need to be designed for the near future.”

    Because of this, here are the RoboCop motors kicking ass…

    RoboCop’s Motorcycle 

    Detroit Police Cruiser

    OmniCorp Armored Truck

    Alex Murphy’s Car

    Clara Murphy’s Car

    Detroit Police Hatchbacks

    OmniCorp Troop Transport 

    The Rest
    If you look closely, you can pick out a number of other vehicles throughout the movie. OmniCorp also uses lightly modified Dodge Durangos as security vehicles and RoboCop is occasionally driven around in a modified Chevy Suburban. One of the bad guys drives a supercar, though only a portion of it is visible in the frame. It appears to be an Audi R8. Another rocks a first-gen Porsche Cayenne. Then there are the little Easter Eggs. “There’s a few that I got for background,” says Whist. “I got these Japanese cars and some European cars that just had a different look you don’t see in North America. A lot of them were just place-them-in-the-background cars.”

    Read More and see more photos at: motortrend.com

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