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    This Chilling GIF Brings The Dangers Of Texting While Driving To Reality


    Quite shockingly 1,600,000 accidents happen per year as a result of texting while driving. Can you believe it?

    Honda has decided to take action and come up with a brilliant “Dnt Txt & Drv #ThumbsUp” campaign for not texting while driving  through the viral power of a GIF.

    The following, very familiar, text message exchange between two love birds really brings home the dangers of texting while driving.


    via elitedaily.com

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    Banned Advert Will Make You Think Twice About Overtaking Cyclists (VIDEO)

    see cyclist think horse

    A recent advert by Cycling Scotland named ‘See Cyclist Think Horse’ has been banned by the UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) due to it being “socially irresponsible.”

    Why? The fact that the cyclist was not wearing a hemet in the advert which is actually not a legal requirement in the UK. The ASA also had an issue with the fact as well as not wearing a helmet, the cyclist appeared at the middle of the road.

    The ASA concluded, “Therefore, for those reasons we concluded the ad was socially irresponsible and likely to condone or encourage behaviour prejudicial to health and safety.”

    What do you think? Irresponsible advertising? Or ‘nanny state’ nick picking?

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