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    Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari 458 drag race (VIDEO)

    Tesla Model S P85D

    Extreme new 691hp Tesla Model S P85D takes on the Ferrari 458 supercar in a drag race.

    We know what the new all-paw Tesla Model S P85D can do to a Ferrari 575 when its accelerator pedal is mashed into the carpet, but how about the newer and more powerful mid-engine 458?

    The Ferrari 458 is powered by a 570hp 4.5-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine with rear-wheel drive while the Tesla features four electric motors to deliver a whopping 691hp. Which will win? Watch the video below.

    Yes, the Italian petrol-guzzler won but the Tesla didn’t do too poorly at all. The electric all-wheel drive super sedan leaped ahead of the Ferrari instantly and stayed several car lengths ahead until the two cars were well into triple digit speeds. So unless you’re on a race track or a road without speed limits, the Tesla is the faster car.

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    Tesla Model S destroys Ferrari in street race (VIDEO)

    Tesla Model S P85D

    691hp Tesla Model S P85D embarrasses a V12 Ferrari 575 in a street race.

    What ever happened to the phrase ‘there’s no replacement for displacement’? Well, the techno-wizards from Tesla completely rewrote the rulebook with the 416hp BMW M5-rivalling Model S P85 electric car. That game-changer is rear-drive only, but now Tesla has launched an all-wheel drive version with a thumping 691hp – the same as a Lamborghini Aventador.

    The Tesla Model S P85D will sprint to 62mph in a scarcely believable 3-ish seconds and can absolutely haul arse. And it doesn’t emit any nasty atmosphere-polluting chemicals or make any real noise. It’s also incredibly luxurious with an interior that the Back to the Future movie directors couldn’t even have imagined. It really does it all. Relentlessly quick, environmentally friendly with unbelievable tech and design from such a young company.

    The best thing though, is that it’ll worry most supercars and make mince-meat out of a 508hp V12 Ferrari 575. Here’s video evidence of that.

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    SEE IT: Stolen Tesla Splits In Two In Fiery LA Accident



    Witnesses and the emergency crews were shocked when the saw the scene of an accident caused by a the driver of a stolen Telsa Model S. The driver was on the run from the cops after stealing the car from a Tesla maintenance building.

    In a desperate attempt to escape from the cops, he is believed to have hit a pole at over 100mph, crashing into over vehicles as it smashed off the pole.


    The stolen Tesla split in two, and engulfed in flames on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. The driver is now in a critical condition after being resuscitated by ambulance staff. Watch the aftermath and eyewitness interviews below.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.59.45

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    Fan-made Tesla Ad Imagines A Model S That’s Out Of This World (VIDEO)

    When you’re a kid, anything is possible. With a bit of crayon, cardboard boxes can become helmets, or even space ships. All it takes is a bit of imagination. Replace that crude packaging with something as refined a Tesla Model S and that fantasy world can kick into overdrive.

    That’s the premise behind a new ‘ad’ featuring Mace Coronel and his dad Marc, and co-starring our favorite all-electric road rocket. Although not commissioned by Tesla Motors (which did tweet about it), the minute-long spot is a great commercial for the company and its battery-powered sedan.

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    Rosso Mars VS Rose Gold Performante ? #cars247
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    Tesla Model S: NY-To-FL Trip, Day 3, South Carolina To Florida (BLOG)

    The third day of my New York-to-Florida electric-car road trip, using the newly completed string of Supercharger stations along the East Coast, brought me almost to my destination in Florida.

    Here’s how the most recent leg of my journey went.

    DAY 3: Santee, South Carolina, to Ormond Beach, Florida


    I awake at 6:30 to check the weather forecast on local television. The Polar Vortex is pushing far south–chasing me, it seems. Sleet, freezing rain, ice and 4 inches of snow are forecast for  Santee, starting in the late morning.

    A day and a half of driving for this?

    MORE: Tesla Model S: NY-To-FL Trip, Days 1-2: From Home To South Carolina

    If I leave immediately, I can get far enough south, out of the freezing zone, before the storm hits. I’m at the wheel and away before 7, without breakfast, but with a full battery for the short 110-mile leg to Savannah. The temperature is 36 degrees.

    Fat with juice, I push as fast as I dare, 75 mph or so, through occasional light rain. Arrive at Savannah with almost 100 miles in the bank.

    The Savannah Supercharger is located in the long-term parking garage at the Savannah Airport. I arrive to find three Tesla employees setting up a lectern and microphone for the initial ribbon-cutting.

    We talk Tesla for 45 minutes, while the car charges to near 100 percent for the next leg, a 175-miler to St. Augustine, Florida. (Remembering my overconfidence before my initial leg to Newark,   I want to pack in every last watt-hour).

    I’m tempted to stay for the ceremony, but I’m in a race with the Polar Vortex, which waits for no man.

    • Miles: 109.7
    • kWh: 42.6
    • Wh/mi:  344
    • Cushion: 96 miles


    2013 Tesla Model S in Florida, during New York to Florida road trip [photo: David Noland]


    The light rain continues, which reminds me how much I hate the so-called “smart” wiper system, which is supposed to wipe automatically when the rain on the windshield reaches a certain intensity.

    It seems to operate entirely at random, sometimes wiping constantly in the barest of sprinkles, and on other occasions letting the water build up to semi-opaque levels. I long for the old-fashioned manual intermittent settings.

    On the other hand, I love the car’s Internet connection, which allows me to listen to my favorite radio station, WBGO in Newark (New Jersey, not Delaware) way down here. It’s especially nice to hear the temperature back home is 14 degrees.

    I initially set a speed/cabin temp of 70 mph/70 degrees F.  I figure the leg is 175 miles, and I want a cushion of about 25 miles, so total “real” miles required will be 200.

    With a rated range of 250, I need the rated range discount to be no more than 20 percent.  From previous experience, I’ve learned that at 75 mph, the discount is more like 30 percent. So I try 70 mph.

    Once consumption settles down, I do my now-standard comparison of rated mileage decay vs real mileage traveled, and find it’s right at 20 percent. Seventy should do it.

    But the temperature begins to climb, allowing me to gradually bump up the speed. I finish strong at 75 mph with 58 miles remaining. Temp at St. Augustine is 61 degrees.


    2013 Tesla Model S in Florida, during New York to Florida road trip [photo: David Noland]2013 Tesla Model S in Florida, during New York to Florida road trip [photo: David Noland]

    The St.Augustine Supercharger is the most pleasant setting of any I’ve seen so far: in a high-end mall, shaded by trees, next to a small lake.

    It’s also the first Supercharger I’ve visited that had another Tesla charging, a blue 85-kWh model with Pennsylvania plates.

    The owner also hit the Newark Supercharger first and worked his way down, as I did–but he’s been here several days already.

    So my hopes of being the very first East Coast Supercharger traveler from New York to Florida have just been snuffed out.

    • Miles: 171.3
    • kWh: 56.9
    • Wh/mi: 332
    • Cushion:  58 miles


    After a brief lunch in the mall food court (which is surprisingly low-end considering its lush setting), I set out toward Tesla’s next  link in the East Coast Supercharger chain, in Port Orange, Florida–just 63 miles down I-95.

    My old pilot buddy Robin and his wife Rosie live in Ormond Beach, about 15 miles short of the Port Orange Supercharger, so I pull in at their house for the night without charging up.

    I let Robin, a former race car driver, take a spin in the Tesla, and he plugs me in to his 120v house current overnight. I’m hoping to pick up 60 miles, enough to get me to the final link in the East Coast Supercharger chain, at Port St. Lucie, and then 20 miles to see my childhood pest pal in Stuart.

    We’ll see.

    via: Green Car Reports

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    Drag Strip Showdown: 2014 Corvette Stingray vs Tesla Model S (VIDEO)

    You would think in the 2014 Corvette Stingray vs Tesla Model S showdown their can be only one winner. Think again, as the results may surprise you.

    They come from two different universes and have very little in common. One is a hybrid for West Coast greenies while the other is a performance car that eats gasoline for breakfast.

    One trait they do share is quickness. So Drag Times set the vehicles in a drag strip showdown at Palm Beach International Raceway for epic quarter-mile battle.

    Who wins? We don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say it’s really, really close…

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    ‘Deskla’: The Office Desk Made From A $70,000 Tesla Model S

    Introducing ‘Deskla’, The $70,000 Desk Made From A Tesla Model S

    When it comes to having the sickest office setup ever, it’s hard to stump the guy with the flat screen TV mounted onto his cubicle. You’re going to have to reach out a little farther to get something no one’s ever seen.

    Introducing Deskla, the $70,000 office desk that was created using the body of a Tesla Model S. If you were wondering, yes, the headlights work.

    You might’ve heard about Lamborghini desks but those aren’t full-circle pieces of furniture that you could actually make into your entire workspace. The concept was drawn up by Vuolo Design, Hero City which is a club for entrepreneurs at the Draper University.

    East Bay Muscle Cars was commissioned by Vuolo Design to craft the desk. The aluminum Model S shell used was a “factory reject” and was donated to the project in Brentwood, CA by Tesla.

    “The ‘Deskla’ features three 120v electrical outlets, six USB ports and working Tesla LED lights, which are all powered via the car’s original charge cord. ” – Luxury Launches

    Check out the photos of this awesome post below.

    via EliteDaily.com

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