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    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    The 12 relationship stages with your car

    1. The love at first sight. 

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    Look at that body. Look at the size of those RIMS. How’d you fit those rims up under your fenders?

    2. The icebreak.

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    “Hey… so… you take unleaded, or do you only drink premium?”

    3. The dating stage.

    The dating stage.

    “So we’ve gone on… three test drives now, and things are going really great. I’m just having so much fun, you know? Like, I forget we’re even driving sometimes.”

    4. The learning stage.

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    “I’ve realized that she’s got a pretty sensitive gas pedal, but I’m learning to deal with it. I mean, I kind of like it, you know? Who doesn’t want to go fast?”

    5. The honeymoon stage.

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    “I love your headlights. I love your seats. I love your four-zone climate control. I love the cute little beep you make when I unlock you. It’s like you’re saying ‘hey!’ super fast in this sort of silly voice — it’s completely adorable.”

    6. The “FBO” stage.

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    “It’s official: We’re car and driver now!”

    7. The happy stage.

    Nothing but blue skies ahead!

    8. The first fight.

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car
    Pat Hawks / CC BY 2.0 / buzzfeed.com / Via Flickr: 8439753@N07

    9. The make up.

    The make up.

    Travis Hornung / CC BY 2.0 / Via Flickr: awfulshot

    “I’m so sorry… I just got scared. I missed you. <3”

    10. The doubts stage.

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    “Maybe… maybe I should have opted for the infotainment package. I just don’t know.”

    11. The exploration stage. 😉

    12 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Car

    “After a while, we tried driving… without boundaries. It’s been sooo refreshing.”

    12. And most importantly: growing old together.

    And most importantly: growing old together.

    emilydickinsonridesabmx / CC BY 2.0 / Via Flickr: emilyrides

    Your car is your partner, through sickness and health.

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    10 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Petrol Heads

    10 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Petrol Heads

    10 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Petrol HeadsGot a petrol head in your life that needs gifting? They’ll love any of these awesome car guy gifts, we guarantee* it.

    *Not really, but they’re very cool.

    Socks and jocks just will not do this Christmas, nor will hideous stripy t-shirts. So, you want to get the petrol head in your life a cool car-related Christmas gift. Here’s a tip, do not, under any circumstances, think about getting them a Ferrari branded cap or iPhone case, or watch, or cologne, because that’s going to make your petrol head look like a complete and utter cock, even if he/she has a Ferrari – which they probably don’t. Car branded anything is lame.

    These are the gifts they’ll really want.

    Pop Bang Colour Artwork

    Add an explosion of car-related color to your house or office. From Pagani Zondas and Lamborghinis to Aston Martin DBR1 racing cars and Jaguar E-Types, Pop Bang Colour has a creative artwork that every petrol head can appreciate.


    Tim Layzell Artwork

    Tim Layzell’s motoring artworks are just ridiculously cool. If the petrol head you’re buying for is into classic motors then you absolutely need to get them one of these paintings.


    Gran Turismo 6

    This is the racing game of the moment. Only available on PlayStation 3, Gran Turismo 6 features more than 1200 cars, over 30 of the world’s best racetracks, and the sort of graphics that will knock your socks right off. And if the person hasn’t got a PlayStation 3, buy them one of those too.


    Hoonigan Cop Burnout Tee

    I’m not going to lie, I find most car-related t-shirts horribly nerdy. However, the Hoonigan range of apparel is actually really cool, this tee with the cop car doing a burnout is my favourite. So ironic and bad ass.


    evo Car Of The Year Print

    How cool would one of these prints look hanging in your office or bedroom?


    Track Day Experience

    There’s nothing cooler than being able to really explore the limits of your own car in the safe, controlled environment of a race track. There are plenty of different options to choose from, you can drive Silverstone in the UK, Streets Of Willow in California, Philip Island in Australia, plus heaps of others. You could even drive someone else’s race car if you’re not comfortable tracking your own pride and joy.

    Porsche 917K Gulf Model

    The Porsche 917 is arguably the coolest racing car ever made. So parked next to the pencil holder on your car guy’s desk it’s going to look pretty awesome.


    Magazine Subscription

    It’s the gift that just keeps on giving! You’ll probably need to do a little bit of research before you select which magazine to subscribe your car guy to, because if the person you’re buying for is a picky petrol head they’ll hate certain car mags, but love others. So, drop hints like ‘oh, you’ve got this month’s Autocar? Good read?’ to figure out which is their favourite title.

    AutoGlym Surface Detailing Clay Bar Kit

    Most petrol heads like to keep their ride nice and clean. This clay bar detailing kit comes with everything you need to keep your metal in top shape.


    Ferrari 458 Speciale

    We named the Ferrari 458 Speciale the hottest car of 2013, this is the car you need to buy the petrol head in your life. Naturally, being a Ferrari it isn’t cheap, exactly, but can you really put a price on happiness? Huh?

    Any authorized Ferrari dealership, probably.

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