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    How to Shop for Used Trucks

    If the conundrum of financing involved in buying a new truck confuses you, you may be looking at used trucks for your delivery service business. But you’ll need to be armed with good advices before picking out your truck. Be sure you have an exact price range in mind and our 12 point inspection list when you’re viewing used trucks.

    The Inspection Checklist for Buying Used trucks

    1. When you view the truck, do so in daylight in order to pick up defects. Also make sure you and the truck are on level ground to check the fluids.
    2. Next, check out every opening as well as body-panel joint to ensure everything fits. You can run your hand along the underneath of the doors to pick up any rusty edges and also inspect the panels along the entire body. If they look wonky, use a magnet as plastic repairs won’t attract the magnet.
    3. Look at the roof of used trucks to see if there are any raised spots which signify rust.
    4. Inside each tire counts for inspection too, where there could be signs of leakages. Also look for tread wear.
    5. When shopping for used trucks, lift the bonnet and remove the radiator cap to check out the coolant fluid. It should be a greenish hue but if the colour seems a bit off or there is rust in it, the engine may have overheating issues.
    6. It’s then time to start the engine. Listen for signs of thuds or knocks which could mean there is a worn crankshaft or connecting-rod bearing. These could make for expensive repairs. The truck should have a high idle setting, this is normal.
    7. Once the truck comes off fast idle, stick it into drive and set the emergency brake to ensure it is in perfect condition. Put it in park, too, and let it idle while you go around the back and use a rag to cover the tailpipe. If there’s no pressure while you’re holding the rag against the tailpipe end, that means there’s a leaky exhaust. Next, put the truck into drive with your foot no the brake to ensure it idles the way it should.
    8. The next step when shopping for used trucks is to check all the switches and extras like air, lights and so on to ensure everything works as it should.
    9. Switch off the motor and then open the truck and raise the mat to inspect for rush. A little light rust is normal, even in brand new trucks, but watch out for severe corrosion. While you’re looking in the trunk, have a look at the wiring across the rear and check to see if it has been taped for trailer wiring.
    10. Take any used trucks you look at for a short drive, shut the engine off and let it cool before starting it up again. If the engine seems to hesitate when re-starting it, have a mechanic check it over. Once you have started it, slowly accelerate to see if the transmission smoothly shifts up. Check the acceleration up to a motorway speed for smoothness too. Take a passenger with you on the test drive who can help pick up rattles and wind noises that you might not notice.
    11. When you’re in a safe, quiet area, do a panic stop to make sure the brakes are on top form. Try a rough road, too, to make sure the shock controls work. Try bouncing the used trucks’ front end – if there are more than three bounces it means the shocks are worn.
    12. Finally, take a close look at the odometer. Tampering still seems to be a common practise for deceiving buyers. Gauges in newer models are harder to tamper with but always be cautious when looking at used trucks. If the seller tells you that an early 1990’s delivery truck has 35 000 miles on it, watch out for a few things, like excessively worn brake pedals. If you notice the corners are worn away, there’s bound to be a lot more than that said miles on that truck. Also watch out for wear on the upholstery and armrests or large numbers of pits on the windshield.


    Shop for used trucks with the above checklist to make sure you get the best deal. Also be sure to consider all financing options, including transportation factoring which is a common way for truckers to raise capital for large expenses.


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    Trucks, Tanks, M4s, and Melons with Dan Bilzerian (VIDEO)

    “All guns and no girls makes a Russian a dull boy”.  There’s certainly nothing dull about this video

    Is this really a typical Monday? Because it looks like one hell of a day with Dan Bilzerian that  FPSRussia got to spend with him. A truck, a tank, guns, and women?

    It seems all that poker playing, and the odd movie role, really had paid off. A lucky guy, indeed.

    Check the stills and video below.

    fps0 fps1 fps2  fps4 fps5 fps7 fps8


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  • Humor/ Videos

    Find out What Happens When Your Truck has an Erection (VIDEO)

    truck erection

    Sometimes it just happens and there is nothing you can do about it. Other times it is avoidable. What are we talking about?

    When a truck with a raised platform rams a bridge of course.

    Watch the video below and thank God nobody got hurt.

    It seems truck drivers misjudging their vehicle size or what’s attached to their vehicle happens a hell of a lot.

    Watch the video’s below to see some seriously misjudged decisions.

    H/T carscoops.com

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    Size Matters 2: Watch Insane Gymkhana Style Truck Drifting (VIDEO)

    SIZE MATTERS 2 - Mike Ryan - INSANE Gymkhana Style Semi Truck Drifting

    Size Matters 2 breaks out the big guns with Gymkhana style truck drifting and jumping.

    This is legendary stuff from the Pikes Peak champion Mike Ryan  in the Banks Super-Turbo Castrol Freightliner, goes head-to-head with new kid on the block Daniel Leavitt on the docks of Long Beach harbor.

    What makes this even better is that Hollywood’s top stunt drivers and producers came together to produce this buttock clenching action thriller that blow’s Ken Block’s Gymkhana out of the water.

    Watch Size Matters 2 below with the volume turned up….

    SIZE MATTERS 2 - Mike Ryan - INSANE Gymkhana Style Semi Truck Drifting Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 13.04.21 Gymkhana Semi Truck Drifting Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 13.03.23 Gymkhana Style Semi Truck Drifting size matters 2 INSANE Gymkhana Style Semi Truck Drifting size matters 2

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    Fastest Food on the Planet ???#cars247
    ?: @zuumy
    #porsche #lambo

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    The Future Of Trucking? Walmart Unveils Concept Truck (VIDEO)

    The new prototype truck unveiled by Walmart is a new addition in their fleet efficiency program, managing to create a whole host of firsts for the trucking market.

    Aerodynamically unique, and boasting an” advanced turbine-powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain”. Sounds impressive, right?

    The trailer is also made entirely from carbon fiber, in a single 53 foot sheet. Impressive. This allows them to save 4,000 pounds, which always helps with carrying extra cargo.


    The official video is below, allowing you to see the exceptional truck in more detail.

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    Behind The Scenes Of Red Bull Frozen Rush (VIDEO)

    If you aren’t aware of the Red Bull Frozen Rush you certainly will be after this video. Its a race like no other – high octane, high adrenaline, extreme snow race where 900hp Pro4 trucks hurtle down the mountain at exhilarating speeds.

    The video below tells us the behind-the-scenes story of how Ricky Johnson earned the first event victory with his crazy run.

    red bull frozen rush

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    Survey: Women Prefer Men In Black Ford Pickups, Men Prefer Women In Red BMW Sports Cars


    There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new car: What kind of fuel economy does it earn? What safety features does it offer? Will I need to call tech support just to set up the radio?

    One thing we’ve never heard folks ask, though, is whether their new ride will be attractive to potential mates. And yet, that’s exactly the question posed in a new survey from Insure.com.

    Over the course of December 2013, the website polled 2,000 drivers age 18 and older. Respondents were asked to describe the kinds vehicles they found most attractive for potential mates to drive. (FYI, the survey focused on opposite sexes, so gay and lesbian readers, you’re out of luck this round.)

    MUST READ: Like To Leave Your Car running On Cold Mornings? You Could Be In For A Nasty Surprise


    Among women, 32 percent said that they found men who drove pickup trucks to be most attractive. Men driving sports cars came in a reasonably close second at 27 percent. SUVs (16 percent), sedans (11 percent), and hybrid/electric vehicles (four percent) rounded out the top five. Unshockingly, women found mail trucks to be the least attractive vehicle for men to drive. (NB: How mail trucks even wound up on the survey, we’ll never know.)

    In terms of brands, women were more divided, though Ford garnered the most up-votes at 16 percent, followed by Chevrolet and Porsche. And when it came to the color of a prospective mate’s ride, women far and away chose black (53 percent) as the sexiest color. Silver took home the silver medal, with 16 percent of the vote.


    Men were somewhat more opinionated in their vehicle preferences for women. A very lopsided 39 percent found women in sports cars most attractive, while the #2 vote-getter — sedans — earned just 22 percent. SUVs came in third at 20 percent, and at the bottom of the list were minivans, with just four percent of the vote. Curiously, it doesn’t seem that mail trucks were included on the men’s survey.

    Men were also more upscale in their choice of brands than women were. BMW landed in the top spot, earning 16 percent of the vote, followed by Mercedes-Benz (14 percent) and Porsche (ten percent). And on the color front, men showed a distinct preference for red, with 40 percent pegging that as their favorite car color for women. Black (23 percent) and silver (14 percent) followed.

    DON’T MISS: Audi,Volkswagen Debut Official Super Bowl Ads, With Mixed Results


    To lend a little weight to the survey’s fluffy, questionable premise, Insure.com asked a few experts to respond to the findings. Joe Wiesenfelder from Cars.com said that he understands why the black pickup is so attractive to women: “A woman walks up to a black pickup truck and says to herself, ‘Here’s a guy who can help me move, bring me large gifts from Crate & Barrel and do repairs around my condo.'” Honestly, there’s too much going on in that sentence for us to unpack.

    And men aren’t the only one sticking with well-trodden tropes. Edmunds.com’s Jessica Caldwell has a warning for guys who don’t live by tried-and-true masculine stereotypes: “I would think twice about dating a guy driving a VW Beetle, or anything labeled a chick car…. Telling your friends, ‘Yeah, my new boyfriend drives a VW Beetle,’ that would be very humiliating.”

    If this kind of information matters to you, you now have some very handy tools to help you choose your next car. If not, well, you’ve learned something about your fellow man — and woman.

    via: The Car Connection

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