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    UK’s Fastest Police Car: Force Reveal McLaren MP4-12C Spider For Fighting Crime (PHOTOS)

    There are many speed freaks out there with cars capable of escaping the police without difficulty, but now the UK police are fighting back with a 207 MPH McLaren 12C. Due to be unvieled at the Birmingham motor show this weekend, the car was supplied by local McLaren dealers and sales director David Tibbett said: ‘We are delighted to help the police and their work.


    The car is far from practical on a day to day basis. In fact you wouldn’t even be able to arrest somebody in it because like most of these police supercars they require co-drivers. The police say it hopes it will close the gap between them and motorists.


    TV star Angus Nairn of “Motorway Cops” says the vehicle will teach people about the danger of excess speed. Everyone who will see the McLaren wants to come and talk about it – it is an excellent way to get people to have a conversation with the police and not end up with a fixed penalty ticket.

    Production: 2011

    Engine: McLaren M838T twin-turbo 3.8 L V8 – 616 horsepower

    Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch

    Top speed: 207mph

    Structure:  carbon fibre composite chassis

    Max torque: 443 lb per ft of torque

    Price: £240,000

    Source: thesupercarkids.com

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    The UK’s Boy Racer Scene Is Giving Petrolheads A Bad Name (VIDEO)

    Boy racers have a certain stereotype which VICE, the documentary maker, challenge as they follow boy racersin Essex and Whitley Bay. The new film explores the car culture in the UK and investigates the boy racer scene which they say is ‘one of the most notorious and misunderstood youth subcultures of the last 30 years’.The film closely follows a group of young guys as they cruise the motorways and meet up in industrial estates to show off their wheels. However, it gives us a fresh perspective on the boy racers’ lifestyles.

    Normally seen as trouble makers and dangerous drivers, the film delves deeper into the lives of the men and shows us what has pushed them into the scene. It concludes that unemployment and deprivation is the main reason, which gives us a little more understanding about their behaviour.

    Hat tip to the guys at Carthrottle.com


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